Monday’s News…NCLB and Equity, NCLB and Hysteria, More Riordan, and Interesting News From FL

NCLB is helping with equity lawsuits, say the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund.

But in MA it’s leading to uninformed hysteria. Via

In the CSM, Hoover’s Evers and Walberg say bring on accountability.

More Riordan news and the LA Times ed board turns up the heat. They say: Show Riordan the door. Not a lot of ambiguity there…

In Florida, Governor Bush vetoed a proposal for universal pre-K for four-year olds there. The Trust for Early Education says he was right to do so. Trust executive director Libby Doggett:

“I wish to commend Florida governor Jeb Bush’s courageous veto of HB 821. While the legislation would have provided pre-kindergarten for all Florida’s four-year-olds, it didn’t include the quality standards necessary to ensure all children enter school ready to succeed.

Governor Bush’s veto sends a resounding message to the children of his state, their parents, and elected officials: The promise made to Florida’s children in the ballot initiative for a high quality pre-kindergarten system will be kept.”

Want a job at the National Center for Education Statistics? Yes? Then click here.

Jay Mathews discusses portfolio assessments.

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