Kerry’s Teacher Plan, Public School Choice in Chicago, and A Victory for Charter Schools in MA

Chicago Trib continues its ground-level look at how public school choice is working there.  In MA, the legislature does not override the governor’s veto of a charter school moratorium.

And, in The Washington Monthly, Jonathan Schorr writes about Senator Kerry’s teacher plan:

“As the campaign moves forward, Kerry’s teacher plan may prove to be very clever politics. By challenging the teachers’ unions, Kerry gains centrist credibility in an area where he’s bucked the liberal line before. (During his 1998 Senate race, he called for an end to teacher tenure.) It also gives Kerry a signature reform that contrasts him with Bush…

But if the plan makes for good politics, is it good policy, too? Is it focused on the big problem? Would it be a credible solution? And is there more Kerry should be doing? The answer to all four questions is yes.”

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