Kerry and Edwards and Education…And, A No Show Slight Or A Shrewd Move?

This morning the question that everyone* is wondering about is, of course, what does Kerry – Edwards mean for education? The answer? Not that much that Kerry didn’t already mean. As opposed to, for instance, Gore – Lieberman, there is not much daylight between these two on any major education issue so troublemaking reporters and opposition researchers will be disappointed. Their higher education proposals are similar, and solid, and they’ve both stepped out on issues like differential pay for teachers who teach in challenging subjects or those where there is a teacher shortage.

But, in a must-read, EIA reports that the NEA was not happy that Kerry decided at the last minute to skip their conference where he was scheduled to speak. Knee jerk reaction: It’s actually a shrewd move on Kerry’s part considering the NEA’s favorable (read unfavorable) ratings among the general public and swing voters and the amount of (favorable) attention he was getting yesterday…More considered reaction: Same.

Too bad he missed all those good songs though…

*OK, just the dozen or so people who care…

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