Innovative in Indy, Predictable at Heritage, and Trouble in CA

Two new charter schools in Indy. Why does this matter to you? Because Indy Mayor Bart Peterson is the only mayor in the country who can directly charter schools, and he’s doing a hell of a good job of it.

Here is the new 21st Century Schools Project Bulletin. You can sign up to get it sent to you free here.

New Heritage Foundation report on federal education policy. What’s the solution?…You’re never gonna guess…Surprise! It’s vouchers! The report also notes that states are sitting on “billions” in unspent funds…over to you Stilwell. Via Joanne Jacobs, who agrees with Eduwonk’s assessment of the Incredible Shrinking GI Bill for Kids.

California Secretary of Ed Richard Riordan is in some trouble there…longtime Riordan watchers were wondering when a foot-in-mouth incident would happen. Whoever bet on last week, you’re a winner!

New report on CA charter schools and special education here (PDF). Press coverage here. Worth reading, some good ideas, some less so.

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