Friday’s News…Special Extra Patriotic Edition

New teacher recruitment initiative in Virginia. Teach for Virginia will help steer aspiring teachers to high-need schools. The New Teacher Project has their able hand in this.

Cosby back in the news, AP here, local coverage here.

Come All Within: More teachers’ union back and forth in Chicago. More Chicago here and here. Chi Trib ed board weighs in, too. They’re shocked…shocked…You know you should be following this…

Come All Without: Quasi-anonymous groups attacking the teachers’ union in Colorado.

In Gadfly Senator Lamar Alexander pitches the incredible shrinking GI Bill for Kids… and OH school board member Jim Fedako has a must-read essay about tests and accountability.

In Wisconsin, a state task force is calling for major changes including an overhaul of the finance system, new teacher compensation, and new ideas like a SEED school. Republicans are attacking the finance idea, ignoring the rest.

Todd Ziebarth and Alex Medler are at it again! This time they’ve produced an interesting ECS report (PDF) on the early implementation of the voucher program in Colorado. Of course, the program is now on hold, but it’s still well worth reading as a study of change.

K-12 diversity news from KY.

Rod Paige praises a Voyager program… smells a sweetheart deal…

A look ahead at new Labor Party education initiatives in England.

More on the principals in NYC, yesterday they were just annoyed with Klein. Today, well, they’re pissed!

NY Post readers respond on behalf of small schools. Also in the NY Post, Jay Greene and Marcus Winters say the schools have plenty of money already.

In a Supreme Court wrap-up AP says that this term was a tough one for conservatives, education included.

Do you like to write? Know something about charter schools or educational issues that impact charter schools? Then you should be writing for this journal.

Finally, better late than never. Interesting House Education and Workforce Committee hearing on No Child Left Behind, testimony here. Worth reading. And, new proposed rule on LEP students here.

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