Friday’s News…Obvious News from NYC, NLRB Reverses on Grad Students…And, Eduwonk’s Voucher Query Answered!

Important new study (PDF) on school finance finds that weighted student formulas are more equitable for low-income youngsters.  From CRPE.


In the New York Sun Greg Forster says that Michael Winerip got it wrong on his major July 4, special education story.   Here’s more on a possible Department of Ed investigation of NYC from


NYT’s Gootman reports that a self-response email survey of New York City principals (with a 13 percent response rate) found that respondents don’t like the new Bloomberg-Klein way of doing business and believe they don’t have enough money.  In other news, it’s hot in the summer in Florida…


The NLRB said yesterday that graduate students at private colleges and universities do not have a right to unionize.  The decision reverses current policy and seems pretty partisan.  This is a potentially major decision with ramifications for union membership, universities, and, of course, the students themselves .  Inside baseball background: A lot of testy back and forth behind the scenes between the American Federation of Teachers and the United Auto Workers as both unions seek to organize graduate students.


Once an urban myth, Wash. Post’s Strauss reports that colleges are taking a harder line on the senior slump.


CSM reports that the Texas accountability system won’t take into account small charter schools.  A problem yes, but a solvable one.


AP offers a sneak preview of John Kerry’s AFT speech and focuses on the money, let’s hope Kerry doesn’t.


When the recent and flawed Department of Ed “study” of sexual abuse in schools came out, Eduwonk asked, how long before the voucher crowd picks up on it?  Well, this essay is not exactly a clean hit but reading between the lines it looks like the answer is about two weeks.


Detroit News ed board says bring on the charter schools in the Motor City.

Still wrinkles to iron out on the NCLB teacher provisions and rural schools.

Finally, more bad news about collegiate diploma mills.  This time, mainstream schools…

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