Today’s News…No Filter Required: Guaranteed 100 Percent Pornography Free! And, No Show Jobs!

Jay Mathews takes a look at homeschooling and asks for more info.

No show jobs! Get your no show job right here! But, in fairness, at least the NYC Department of Ed takes a firm line on this stuff: “People who are on the Department of Education payroll should not be cheating and stealing taxpayer money…It doesn’t matter how close shopping areas are to the regional offices or to schools.” Whoa…hardliners. Daily News has more including shopping details and this not-to-be-missed quote from one of the culprits:

Levantrosser, who allegedly dropped into Lord & Taylor during work hours, scoffed at the charge she was shopping at high-end department stores.

“Yeah, right, because we have the money for Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue,” she said.

Wow! Talk about always being on message!

No show students in Florida. Right, no problems with the voucher program there…

No NYT education column today, but two belated letters on class size to tide readers over.

Sac Bee editorial board likes direct lending and says don’t mess with student loans.

Ding! Next round of U.S. Department of Education versus almost everyone else over NCLB funding. Oh wait, not politics, it’s just a friendly reminder…

You feed them, help raise them, create small schools for them, teach them to think for themselves, and how do they thank you? By saying something interesting! Then they get the mayor and the public on their side and win. And then they overplay their hand a few days later… By the way, the teacher quality issue rears its head again…the kids get it, but not the adults. Update: Klein draws the line

At this school the teachers are the dissidents.

Some voucher debate from England. Via

NYT reports on Senator Kerry’s speech proposing to expand college aid and access. And the Salt Lake Trib reports on a flurry of new ideas — including the dreaded differential pay — from the Democratic candidate for Governor in Utah, Scott Matheson Jr. NJ’s governor is expanding access too.

New AYP results in MD. Punchline: Sky not falling.

But in New York Rupert Murdoch thinks it is…

Not so much brotherly love for Edison Schools in Philly…could this ultimately turn into a quagmire, lots of attrition, no clear exit strategy, hostile local population? Yup! Send in the foreign correspondents…

This Washington Post story is very Fairfax County-centric but it’s useful reading if you think teachers’ unions are a monolith.

Another case of charter school skimming! This one almost exclusively serves low-income children who are struggling. 92 percent of the first year’s graduating class off to college…

In the Wash Times, Hoover’s Zelnick writes on affirmative action and the critical mass mess citing O’Connor as the culprit.

This will make one hell of a Fed-Ex commercial…

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