Monday’s News…Brief But Profanity Free!

The Chicago Trib looks at all sides of the debate over the mayor’s proposed new school initiative.

Carl Cohn, the candidate the Washington, DC, schools were wooing for the superintendent slot, has said no. Back to the drawing board…

At last, the dog that didn’t bark. AP’s Feller revisits the NEA’s threatened lawsuit against NCLB and finds, well, nothing…there is irony buried in there too…find it yourself…

Controversy over military recruitment at a high school in WI; Joanne Jacobs has more.

Wash Post’s Connolly and Weisman look at the role domestic issues, including education, will play in the election.

NY Post’s Sager takes some shots at New York’s small schools but is still well worth reading if you’re following the issue…

The NYT revisits the ongoing saga of the Belmont Learning Complex in Los Angeles. Also, NYT readers respond to last week’s “Top Colleges Take More Blacks, but Which Ones?” story, and more pledge letters.

A new analysis (PDF) from Mathematica about children’s health insurance for gap kids. Worth reading. It can be done.

Keep an eye out for a new Jay P. Greene, Marcus A. Winters, and Greg Forster study on high stakes testing forthcoming in Teachers College Record. No link yet, sure to stir some controversy.

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