Eduwonk the Sourpuss?

A concerned reader writes about Eduwonk’s notes on the recent charter conference:

You sound like a crabby old coot!

Complaining about the location, complaining about the plenary sessions, complaining about the bags, complaining about baseball(?)!!! My Lord!

Hey, I got an idea for a story that would fit in well with the new, geriatric tone of Eduwonk.

Eduwonk Condemns Young Punks Running Through His Lawn

Last evening, while sitting on his front porch, Eduwonk shook his cane and yelled at a bunch of kids with baggy pants and their hats on backwards. Said Eduwonk, “We need fewer kids on lawns and less Rock-and-Roll and more early bird specials and reruns of Matlock.”

Afterthought: Fair enough, but about the purses, the Eduwife called them (unprompted) a handbag upon first glance, thereby confirming Eduwonk’s observation that the Bush Administration was indeed passing out man purses at the conference.

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