All Teach For America All Most of the Time…

On Monday (6/14) at 2 PM, PPI will hold a forum to discuss the new evaluation of Teach For America. A not-to-be-missed opportunity to grind your axe on this issue. Paul Decker of Mathematica will discuss the study itself and (a) David Imig, President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (b) Abigail Smith of Teach For America and (c) Kevin Carey of the Education Trust will react and and discuss policy implications. This event is about at capacity (must be the awesome cookies that will be served, couldn’t be the diversity of viewpoints represented…) but we’ll find room for everyone. RSVP to education AT ASAP. PPI’s offices are at 600 Pennsylvania Ave., SE, by Eastern Market in Washington, DC.

The Southeast Center for Teaching Quality reviews the new TFA report. They don’t like it. SCTQ rightly notes the overall teacher quality problem in urban communities but criticizes the lack of certification for many teachers in the study. They don’t note, however, that certified teachers didn’t come off as such great shakes in this study or many others.

Eduwonk Cliffs Notes on the TFA study and more information about it here.

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