UCLA’s Daily Bruin ran a revealing article about campus diversity efforts that Joanne Jacobs unpacks. The article and her commentary are well worth reading.

And, in two separate articles James Vaznis and Peter Schworm of the Boston Globe do a great job showing why a seemingly big victory for poor kids — a Massachusetts court decision ordering more equitable school funding — actually is causing uneasiness in many communities because of complicated state and local school finance politics.

Update: More on increased school finance litigation because of NCLB. It’s something liberals should love!

Finally, Eduwonk heard a lot of buzz and rumors about the future of New American Schools. Now, word is that NAS will be subsumed by the American Institutes for Research and function as a fee-for-service provider under their flag. New American was the original purveyor of the “break the mold” idea to create new school designs during Bush I. Now, apparently, the mold is indeed broken.

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