Morning News Roundup

Secret Weapon? If the Bushies had any sense they’d muzzle Rod Paige, Gene Hickok, and even the President himself and just send out the First Lady to talk about education if this story from The Oregonian is any indication…Karen Symms Gallagher writes in USA Today that college rankings are bunk…and in the LA Times Crispin Sartwell says the same thing about student writing — and he’s borderline unhinged over it…when political scientists attack! The Plain Dealer editorial page thinks that Common Good is on the right track. And, schools in Kansas will stay open after all, despite unresolved school finance issues.

In Friday’s NYT Stanley Fish takes a provocative look at the role of academics and universities, Michelle O’Donnell reports on the most entertaining financial audit to come along in a while, and David Herszenhorn updates the messy elections for parent councils in NYC.

Finally, in the LA Times Erika Hayasaki looks at the problem of cheating on tests –by teachers– which in the eyes of some is apparently excusable…

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