Bush on the Road in AR, MD, and WV*

President Bush is on the road discussing education this week. Today he was in Arkansas, tomorrow in Maryland, and Thursday in West Virginia.

As President Bush tries to regain traction on education consider this: Perhaps the paradox of No Child Left Behind is that it took a Republican president to get it passed but will take a Democratic one to make it work. That’s because only a Republican in the White House could overcome the maniacal opposition among conservatives in Congress to almost anything federal in education. But, because — rightly or wrongly — there is so much (again in some cases maniacal) distrust of President Bush’s intentions on education he will be unable to solidify support for the law. Interestingly, bipartisan continuity on reform is key to state school improvement efforts in places like…Texas.

*One of these is not like the others…MD! It’s not a swing state! Apparently eligibility for this education tour was closeness of the 2000 vote or closeness to the White House…

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