AM Roundup–Special Coming on Strong Edition

The New York Times editorial page comes out strong for direct loans…Secretary of Education Rod Paige comes out strong for No Child Left Behind in Wisconsin and takes aim at the lawsuit being discussed there.

In the Christian Science Monitor Steve Byrd strongly cautions about over-emphasis on grades…and black and Hispanic clergy members came out strong for public school choice yesterday in New Jersey (don’t miss the quotes at the end of this one…).

In The Washington Post Jay Mathews makes a strong case for programs that boost college participation rates and a front page story looks at the leading candidate for the Fairfax County Public Schools superintendent slot and the disagreement about the candidate and the process.

And, Joanne Jacobs notes that Bill Cosby continues to strongly emphasize the same themes he did in remarks in Washington last week.

The National Center for Education Statistics has created a new website that is a database on various state reform issues. Not too in-depth but a handy resource nonetheless.

Finally, here is more information on those horrible NCLB sanctions from AIR.

Update: In his online column Jay Mathews strongly supports another rigorous college prep strategy, an AZ charter school focusing on AP classes.

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