Tweed Redux? And…more blowback on Columbine tendentiousness

The Education Gadfly has a guest editorial by the New York Sun’s Andrew Wolf about the upcoming election for Community District Education Councils –basically little school boards — in New York City that is sharply critical of the Bloomberg-Klein approach.

Nat Hentoff recently noted that Wolf is must reading about the New York education scene. That’s true, and we’d add Joe Williams of the Daily News to that list too.

Gadfly also castigates Margaret McKenna for using the Columbine anniversary to score points against the No Child law saying that, “to use a massacre like Columbine as an excuse to score debating points about testing is despicable”. Eduwonk does not disagree.

Update! Number 2 Pencil points out that some Bloomberg-Klein critics may not have their act together either.

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