Charter School Round Up

Virginia Governor Mark Warner (D) signed the Charter School Excellence and Accountability Act into law on Tuesday. The law will end a cap that limits charter schools to serving no more than 10 percent of a school district’s students and increase the maximum charter term to five years. A new State Board of Education Application Committee will review charter applications, though chartering authority is still restricted to local school boards.


In a series of reports beginning this week the Star Tribune will take a look at Minneapolis public schools–both district and charter–to note that Minneapolis cannot expect to raise academic achievement if schools continue to under-serve their students.


An op-ed in the Boston Globe makes the case that charter schools are here to stay and deserve to be expanded and supported in the Bay State. It dispels a few myths in the process.

Update!: You can only debunk so many myths in one op-ed! A Boston Globe reader frets that charter school teachers do not have to be certified. Could be a problem…if certification served as a useful proxy for quality.

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