About Eduwonk.com

Eduwonk is a blog written by Andrew J. Rotherham, Co-founder and Partner at Bellwether Education Partners. Occasional guest bloggers will also contribute, and the author(s) of these posts will be clearly identified.

The blog focuses mostly on education policy and politics. Obviously, that’s a field I work in as well as write about so a couple of things for readers to bear in mind. First, the views expressed here should be considered to be those of the writer(s) rather than organizational viewpoints of Bellwether or any organizations or individuals Bellwether works with or that I work with. Likewise, outgoing links do not constitute any type of endorsement of other websites or organizations.

In addition, readers can expect the highest commitment to transparency and disclosure on the blog. I will never write about something I have a formal stake in without disclosing that and will never mislead readers by withholding information substantially germane to something I’m writing about. On the other hand my work in the education field is complicated and varied. Here’s how I balance it with respect to the blog and other writing I do:  To keep confidences with entities that Bellwether works with, that I’m affiliated with in some capacity, or just around various work I am involved with professionally there are subjects that I elect not to write about and plenty of things I’m aware of that you won’t see discussed on the blog.  However, although some tin foil hat types try, thinking you can divine anything from what I don’t write about is a waste of your time.  Sometimes I’m just too busy and sometimes I’m just not interested in something or have nothing to add to the conversation.

You can also expect that any correspondence, written or oral, with me will remain private. I never publish anything on the blog without your permission to do so. For more about all this than you probably care to know, this post has more discussion.

To the apparent delight of Russian spammers I added a comment feature to Eduwonk in October 2007 and readers are encouraged to post comments about items. The Eduwonk comment policy can be found here. If that’s somehow still not enough Eduwonk for you, you can also join Eduwonk’s online community at the Eduwonk Facebook page and post content there as well.  And I use Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/arotherham. There is also a feed that tweets just Eduwonk posts http://twitter.com/eduwonk. Many readers choose to use various newsreaders and feeds to get content from Eduwonk.  You can also get a daily compilation of posts by signing up for a free email here.

I’m always grateful for articles, tips, and other information that readers pass along, as well as for reader feedback about items. Again, all correspondence is private. You can reach me through my email at Bellwether or eduwonk  [insert the at sign here] eduwonk.com.

By way of history, from its inception in 2004 until the creation of Education Sector in 2005 this blog was hosted by the Progressive Policy Institute. From 2005 until March 2010 it was hosted by Education Sector. Now it’s a part of Bellwether Education.  A complete archive of all posts since the blog’s launch is located on the upper right side of the Eduwonk site and there is a search function on the right side as well.

So welcome and enjoy Eduwonk!  To return to the front page of the site click here.