Busing Is Really About Racism, And Other Things Historians Already Knew

Education issues almost never make it into the presidential debates, but one created a flashpoint in the last Democratic primary debate. Instead of tuition-free college or raising teacher pay, it was the unlikely topic of busing. Even if it was only a savvy bit of debate theatre by Kamala Harris designed to take Biden down […]

Latest Edu-Reads

Go broad or go deep? I’m on the record suggesting the education field is tilting too far in the direction of specialization. If you’re interested in this question, I strongly recommend this podcast conversation between Patrick O’Shaughnessy and David Epstein. Epstein’s new book Range also looks promising. Make sure to read Lauren Camera’s deep dive on the […]

Performative Listening Or Faddishness?

Rick Hess has a provocative piece out chiding reformers for performative listening and offering a typology of the various forms of that activity. He’s onto something and you can see examples of what he describes around us, but his take seems wide of the mark in a subtle but meaningful way. The core problem here, […]

Posted on Dec 20, 2018 @ 1:05pm

School Choice Case, Native Ed, Student Voice, Homework, More!

@ Bellwether: Cara Jackson on the reform label debate, and some context. Katrina Boone on education and Native Americans. Elsewhere: Keep an eye on this Montana school choice case. Parkland report. Despite all the talk about student voice, it’s remarkable how few states involve students in state board policymaking in anything beyond a ceremonial role. […]

Posted on Dec 13, 2018 @ 9:19am

Bellwether On The Teacher Leader Pipeline, Brown Interviews Westover, Job Corps, Strike Coverage, More…

This week on Bellwether’s blog, Ahead of The Heard, we’re going to highlight a range of talent and human capital issues affecting the teacher and school leader pipeline. Today Katrina Boone talks about how history is not when it comes to efforts to diversify the teaching force. And Kaitlin Pennington and Alexander Brand revisit their analysis […]

Non-China Midweek Bonus Post

A few wonky tidbits until you return to regularly scheduled USA programming:   Stacy Childress and James Atwood on what they’re learning at NSVF.  Can you guess: what are they learning about growth mindset, and how does it relate to this?     Matt Kraft and David Blazar on teacher coaching.  Can you guess: what did they find?  (Hint: […]