Shortage of Leaders: Buddhism Culprit?

Hi. Good to be back on Eduwonk, performing a 4-day set. Try the Mojitos, perfect for a Friday morning in July. Bloggy Moore’s law: Eduwonk peeps double every 6 months. So Andy suggested a re-intro. I’m the founder of a small charter high school in Boston, called MATCH. Also, last Saturday I won first place […]

Rees On SES

The eagerly awaited Nina Rees missive on Supplemental Education Services is now out in Gadfly. It’s less about the significance of the SES program and more about its practical shortcomings. Rees says yes there is a quality problem, but then appeals to the school choice community to solve it! I buy the diagnosis but not […]

What’s In An AYP Rating? And, Why It Matters

Most everyone in the political and policy world was fixated on all the “what does it mean” questions about Sunday’s NYT Mag story on Mark Warner. But there was also some chattering about the Outlook spread on No Child Left Behind in the Wash. Post. It was well done including reactions from DC-area principals, an […]

NYT Charter School Tendentiousness. Part Whatever…

Today’s New York Times manages to turn a pretty straightforward story into another pop at charter schools. Because of the growth of charter schools (now more than 3,000), federal researchers will now only survey a sample of charter schools for the Schools and Staffing Survey. Traditional public schools and private schools are surveyed via sample […]