Shrill On Brill

In The Times, Mike Winerip writes-up the new Steven Brill book “Class Warfare.” Here’s Brill’s response (submitted but not yet posted): I appreciate that Mr. Winerip thinks I have “seen the light” at the end of the book. What he doesn’t realize, though not for lack of my trying to explain it to him, is […]

Rhee-Visiting DC Cheating

Three notes on the Michelle Rhee – DCPS cheating issue that is again front and center after today’s NYT column by Michael Winerip: It still seems to me that it’s pretty clear some cheating went on in D.C.  But I’d be surprised if Rhee even tacitly knew about it.  And it’s worth noting that the […]

Square This Circle

In the NYT Michael Winerip praises teacher peer review in Montgomery County, Maryland.  In The Washington Post Michael Chandler takes a look at the state of Maryland’s struggle to design a teacher evaluation system as part of its Race to the Top plan.  Sounds easy.  Why doesn’t the state just copy Montgomery County? Short answer: […]

Good Reads

A few from the past few days: In The Times a look at the complicated issue of when kids should (and can) start kindergarten. And a poignant Michael Winerip column about a winner of the Scholastic Art and Writing Award. In The Washington Post Kris Amundson takes on Virginia’s tiered diploma system – and highlights […]

Money Matters, Clips, And…Seriously?

It’s April 25th.  In, 404 BC the Spartans defeated the Athenians in the Peloponnesian War.  Today, education’s silly wars continue unabated. But first three clips: Signal article in the Boston Globe looks at the issue of what various tax-exempt institutions pay in property tax on property they own.  In some cities when you add up […]


Good look at what happened in Illinois via Chicago News Cooperative. Sandy Kress challenges the administration on No Child Left Behind.  He does include one tidbit that eluded the national press – the disaggregated data on the school President Obama chose for his recent No Child speech. The always constructive Michael Winerip notes that some […]

Teach For America And The Problem Of Study Laundering

I mentioned some sloppiness around the the recent report about Teach for America (TFA) that Michael Winerip featured in his column from a few weeks ago in an effort to make the point that the research on TFA is mixed.   Since we seem to be repeating history now seems a good time to revisit that […]

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

Turning around low performing articles… I woke up today and thought it was 2004, when this blog first launched.  There in The New York Times was a Michael Winerip story that, well, left a few things out. Read the story but the basic take is that federal turnaround policy is forcing a great principal out […]

At The Times, Doing Time

Some chatter about yesterday’s Times story on Teach For America. One can hold out hope that at some point reporters will actually parse the quality and explanatory leverage of research rather than piling studies up or simply equating them, but it’s a good bet Michael Winerip won’t be leading that charge. But the important story […]


Staying in the martial vein, great Michael Winerip look at ROTC on campus from The Times.