Willie Sutton Shows His Face!

Ben Wallerstein writes-up (and links to) the recent letter from 33 governors seeking regulatory relief on Medicaid. Forget edujobs and the coming fight about the FY2012  budget request and unfinished approps, in terms of state budgets elements like this are where the action is and that’s why the govs are mobilizing.

Friday Fish Porn – More Stripahs!

A lot of striped bass the last few weeks, and of course PPI’s Will Marshall from earlier in the summer.  So, with fall upon us, here’s one more: Dutko Worldwide’s Ben Wallerstein (runs the education practice there) with a nice one.  He’s been here before. All your past edutypes with fish via this link.

Friday Fish Porn – Chesapeake Edition!

I’ve been traveling a lot of Fridays and the queue is getting long.   I’ve got Whitmire, Wallerstein, and some others coming.  But today is another fishing W: Will Marshall. Among other roles Will is the founder of the Progressive Policy Institute and blogs at Progressive Fix. I’m a PPI alum as are some other folks […]

Friday Fish Porn: Upping The Ante Edition

For the past few weeks in education fly fishing circles there has been some buzz that this photo of Dutko’s Ben Wallerstein in Alaska raised some, umm, you know, size questions relative to Wireless Generation’s Josh Reibel’s recent striper.  Today, upping the stakes, the Reibel clan sends along two photos from a recent Panama trip.   All prior education fish porn pics […]

Friday Fish Porn…Back To Alaska

In 2006 we saw Doug Levin’s Alaska salmon.   Today Dutko’s Ben Wallerstein, who represents a variety of education clients and is one of education’s doers and all around good guys, sends along this photo from a recent Alaska trip.