Goldstein Gone…

But he was wild while he was here! A big thanks for all his writing last week.

Posted on Dec 10, 2007 @ 1:14pm

Goldstein’s Gonna Go Wild

I’m off to Michigan for a few days. But always reliable guestblogger Mike Goldstein will keep things going while I’m gone, Friday – Wednesday. Back Thursday. Enjoy!

More Charters, More Of The Same…But Goldstein…Goes Wild!

We’ve been all charters the past few days, so why stop now? There was a conference in Washington recently, “Charter Schools: Keeping The Promise or Dismantling Communities?” (pdf) Burned up the listserves but didn’t seem to get any other traction. Too bad, I was on the edge of my seat to learn more, I mean […]

Call of the Wild

You survived. Eduwonk returns manana. Thank you for reading. Goldstein Gone Wild now returns his attention here, here, and here.

Teacher Choice Gone Wild

Thought experiment: 1. Let’s say we ranked 100 biology teachers in order of effectiveness. (Punt for a moment on how we decide the rankings). 2. You’re the principal. You can hire the #40 teacher and the #60 teacher – each will teach 4 classes per day of 20 kids each. Or you can hire the […]

More Huffie News…Now Piscal Has Gone Wild!

Where is Snoop? First it was Goldstein going wild and baring it all in Boston! Now, outstanding principal, good guy, savvy poker player, favorite football coach of Meryl Streep, Eduwonk friend, and current Huffie Mike Piscal has gone wild, too! In his inaugural Huffie Post post he lays out some depressing numbers about South LA: […]

Krispy Kreme-fueled Professional Development

Assorted Stuff brainstorms on teacher training: “One of the biggest problems with professional development programs in most schools systems is there really isn’t a plan that links the training to the improvement of teaching. Traditionally, teachers must earn a certain number of credits to retain their jobs and earn more money. But it’s largely up […]

Raises For Everyone

Sit back all week, dear readers, while we collaborate (drink) on a Boston-centric, developmentally-appropriate (drink) train wreck (drink). Goldstein Gone Wild begins with Conrad Harper, a Harvard trustee. Former, that is. He quit. The New York Times has Harper ticked off about a proposed 3% raise for embattled President Larry Summers. Just 3%? Heck, even […]

Arne Duncan Has A Point About Going Harder! Twilight Of The Education Idols? First They Came For The DGs….Summer Camp, Janus, Choice, Stewart, All That And Much More….

Thanks to Mike Goldstein and the AVID team for some great guestblogging the past  weeks while I was riding the PMC, watching Cape Cod League baseball (Wareham went on a tear in the playoffs), doing some fishing, climbing Virginia’s highest mountain with my kids, and generally playing outside. Saw bears, wild ponies, lots of stars […]


Greetings Eduwonk readers.  My first guest blogging stint here was 13 years ago.  Plus ca change: Boston needed a new superintendent, etc.  Yet progress too!  A 2005 concern, now progress.  Idea here, actuality here. I’d founded Match, a small charter high school, and in 2005, we’d just had our first graduating class (+ lots of attrition).  These days Match is K-12 but […]