Friday Fish Porn – Well Not Really, At All.

It’s winter so the fishing has slowed down (hundreds of fish pics here though) but education people are still getting outside and we’re diversifying from just fish pics: Tim Taylor of America Succeeds managed to work some duck hunting into an Arkansas trip. And Ali Fuller of Bellwether took this ibex in Spain earlier this […]

Posted on Feb 3, 2017 @ 8:30am

Friday Fish Porn! Sharks!

Candice Santomauro of NMSI took some time to fish this summer off of Florida’s Space Coast. First she caught this: A few more might make an appetizer? But then, she caught this: Legit! I don’t think we’ve had a shark before. But you can check to be sure in this roster of education people with […]

Bellwether And The 74 Live Blogging The Conventions, More Dem Platform News, Education’s Mirth Problem, Fish, McWhorter On Policy, Rosenwald Schools, Rhames on Violence, Pay For Success, And What Are They Doing In Wisconsin Right Now? Plus Bear And Health Care News!

Bellwether and The 74 are teaming up to live blog the conventions, starts now. Let’s talk about education! Also look for a very cool project release from Bellwether on Monday. It’s Friday, but no fish pics today. Instead, Kevin Kosar who battles with Bellwether’s Alison Fuller for the mayor of fish porn title has launched […]

Posted on Jul 15, 2016 @ 10:36am

Friday Fish Porn – Ben And The Bruiser

Ben Wallerstein runs Whiteboard Advisors and is active and sought after in the education investing world, advising on a variety of deals and transactions. He also knows his way around a fly rod and has appeared in Fish Porn a few times before. Here he is with a rainbow trout caught just this week. Every […]

Friday Fish Porn – On The Fork Again

Simmons Lettre and Ted Preston found themselves in Colorado this week for meetings. Fall is the best fly fishing so they went out with Taylor Creek to float some water you can’t reach from shore. Rainbows, browns, and a crisp late fall day. There are some big fish in that river. Hard to beat. Earlier this fall […]

Friday Fish!

Bellwether’s Alison Fuller is already Mayor of all things fish here at Eduwonk. But here’s her daughter again, this time with a catfish. Too great a picture not to share. Send me your fish pics! Here and here  are hundreds to help you get inspired.

Friday Fish Porn: Old Dominion Edition

Eva Colen is a Virginia native (a from here not come here) she’s quick to point out. She’s also frustrated with the quality of the commonwealth’s public schools and the lack of attention to those issues. Some are amazing but far too many students, especially but not only low-income students and racial minorities, are being […]

Friday Fish Porn: Methods Edition!

Steven Glazerman is a senior fellow at Mathematica and well-regarded education researcher, very thoughtful on questions of research methods in education evaluation. Apparently, though, he should also be well-regarded as a fisherman. Here he is recently with a Bermuda chub. A Massachusetts native Steve sent along some locally themed commentary to accompany the photo, but […]

Friday Fish Pictures! More Alaska, This Time W/ Kids!

Bill Tucker is senior advisor at the Gates Foundation working on the U.S. Program’s College Ready work.  This summer he and his family took an Alaska trip. And they did this: And that involved this… ..and this… …and some of this! You know what’s coming…take a kid fishing! It doesn’t have to be in Alaska […]

Friday Fish!

Bellwether’s Ali Fuller has a strong candidacy for mayor of fish porn. In addition to knowing her way around a fly rod she is also a competent wing shooter and very handy with a rifle. If it turns out the doomsday types are right you’ll want to head to Ali’s place if you’re hungry. Those […]