Friday Fish Porn AK And CO

It’s hard to beat summer in Alaska. Here’s Bellwether Associate Partner Ali Fuller in Alaska with a fat salmon headed for the plate.  Does this look familiar to you? It’s not Ali’s first time in Friday Fish Porn, here she is last year with another salmon, different trip. And here’s Tim Taylor of America Succeeds […]

Happy Birthday to The Learning Landscape — What’s Next?

This week Eduwonk features guest posts from different members of Bellwether’s Policy and Thought Leadership team who lead some of our most impactful work. The post below is by Jennifer Schiess. The education sector is plagued by binary thinking that labels possible solutions as either heroic or evil. Too often we see advocates relying on a […]

Bellwether And The 74 Live Blogging The Conventions, More Dem Platform News, Education’s Mirth Problem, Fish, McWhorter On Policy, Rosenwald Schools, Rhames on Violence, Pay For Success, And What Are They Doing In Wisconsin Right Now? Plus Bear And Health Care News!

Bellwether and The 74 are teaming up to live blog the conventions, starts now. Let’s talk about education! Also look for a very cool project release from Bellwether on Monday. It’s Friday, but no fish pics today. Instead, Kevin Kosar who battles with Bellwether’s Alison Fuller for the mayor of fish porn title has launched […]

Posted on Jul 15, 2016 @ 10:36am

Friday Fish!

Bellwether’s Alison Fuller is already Mayor of all things fish here at Eduwonk. But here’s her daughter again, this time with a catfish. Too great a picture not to share. Send me your fish pics! Here and here  are hundreds to help you get inspired.

Friday Fish Porn – More Bellwether!

Last week it was Bellwether’s Sarah Kramer with a rainbow trout. This week it’s Bellwether Associate Partner Alison Fuller with an Alaskan salmon. Not enough fish? Then click here for an archive of Fish Porn pictures back to 2006 with an array of education figures.

CMOs – Are We There Yet? Guest Post By Lake & Hill

Last Friday a major study looking at charter school management organizations was released.  Here’s my take on it from TIME. And here’s an Eduwonk post about it.  Now, below, for the first time the researchers spell out what they see as some key takeaways: CMO’s: Are We There Yet?   By Robin Lake and Paul Hill, […]

Eduwonk Bends Under A Curve Of Links

I worry on Twitter.  If those Rasmussen job approval numbers are even in the ballpark, it’s going to get harder on ed reform not easier.  Reformers should remember that an army of editorial writers is still not an army. Old worry:   Vouchers for special education will lead to increased identification of special education students(pdf).   New worry?  Schools will resist identifying […]

Reroute The Pre-K Debate!

It just can’t be a very good sign that when someone raises serious questions about one of the liveliest and controversial issues in our field those questions are ignored or distorted and caricatured. I’ve heard Checker Finn’s new book on pre-kindergarten education referred to as an anti-pre-k book (it’s not), an intemperate attack on the pre-k movement (it’s critical, sure, […]


Today’s new NAEP data is mixed news with enough kernels for people to argue that current policies are/are not helping improve achievement especially for traditionally under-served kids, are/are not hurting advanced kids, some encouraging results for early grades but not for high school etc…it’s a stimulus program for education partisans!  Short answer, we need to do a lot better […]