Friday Fish – More Kosars!

It’s unclear to me how Kevin Kosar stays either employed or married given how much time he spends fishing with his daughter. But she is one lucky girl. If you are looking for hundreds of pictures of education people fishing – often with their families – then you have come to the right place.

Friday Fish Porn – Alaska…

Here’s Jamie Scott of JKAF – the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, based in Boise, Idaho. The foundation does a variety of work, including supporting some of Bellwether’s rural education work. But more immediately, what a fish! She caught it a few weeks ago in Alaska. Also, great hat. And you’ve seen her here before. This […]

Friday Fish Porn – Weeby’s Back!

Bellwether’s Jason Weeby spent time in Michigan this summer and got some fishing in. Like this:   And like this: OK, it’s not Nick Adams but still great fun on the water. We’ve seen Weeby, a Michigan native with a deep interest in education innovation, here before a few times. And if you want to see […]

Friday Fish Pics – The Fishing Kosars

Kevin Kosar lives the ‘take a kid fishing‘ lifestyle. He’s a frequent fish pic contributor around here, sometime guestblogger, and has locked horns, or rather antlers, with Ali Fuller about who runs the show. In any event, here’s his daughter, Anna, who is something of an accomplished angler already at 7, with a catfish at […]

Posted on Sep 1, 2017 @ 8:30am

Friday Fish Porn – Oil And Water

Kerri Briggs is a former Assistant Secretary of Education, former state education chief, and now works on education issues for Exxon Mobile. She’s also getting into fly fishing and has a nice brown trout here caught in Colorado, near Vail. Want to see more education figures with fish? Hundreds right here.

Friday Fish! Candlers On The Water

Matt Candler founded 4.0 Schools to help create innovative school models. It’s working. Candler’s not unknown around here. He’s known for being against the “sucks less” approach to school quality and in a Kevin Bacon-like way he’s one degree removed from Big Red. Here’s his dad and his son out for a day fishing earlier this spring. That’s […]

Friday Fish Porn: Back To Alaska

When James Willcox appears on this blog with a fish – it’s usually a redfish. And as often a redfish his mom, who is almost certainly a better angler than you, caught. She’s below with one caught just this week. But to mix things up he went to Alaska and caught some salmon – including this […]

Friday Fish Porn – Well Not Really, At All.

It’s winter so the fishing has slowed down (hundreds of fish pics here though) but education people are still getting outside and we’re diversifying from just fish pics: Tim Taylor of America Succeeds managed to work some duck hunting into an Arkansas trip. And Ali Fuller of Bellwether took this ibex in Spain earlier this […]

Posted on Feb 3, 2017 @ 8:30am

Friday Fish Porn: Bull Session With Steve Mesler

Steve Mesler is, among other things, a Bellwether author, three-time Olympian, member of the U.S. Olympic Committee, an Olympic Gold Medalist, and founder of Classroom Champions (it’s entirely possible he doesn’t introduce himself in that order very much). He can also fish. Here he is earlier this month in Alberta with a bull trout. Bull […]

Friday Fish! Petrilli Returns!

The Petrilli’s took their son fishing and you’ll never believe what happened next! Nico Petrilli’s angling career has been featured here before a few ways. But this fish is a milestone. He got it on the Potomac, near Sycamore Island, so father Mike is proud it’s an “inside the beltway” fish. Hundreds of education people with […]