Friday Fish Porn! Family Ties

Jennifer Schiess is a principal at Bellwether, she’s a former non-partisan senior aide in the Texas legislature focusing on education issues, worked in higher ed, and taught high school English. She’s great, you should know her because you’ll learn from her. But…her brother is the flyfisher in the family. Here is his last week with […]

Friday Fish Porn – Grouper!

Ashley LiBetti Mitchel is an AP at Bellwether and has a keen sense of adventure. Here she is recently in Florida – where among other things she caught this grouper. Fishing puts a smile on the faces of kids of all ages. There are fewer fish pics in the winter, but if you want a fix […]

Friday Fish – Halloween Edition

A break from the regular Friday fish around here. These are Robin Lake’s kids, and this is awesome and adorable. Robin leads CRPE at the University of Washington. Hope everyone had a fun Halloween.  

Friday Fish Porn: Then And Now!

Here’s James Cryan – he’s the founder and CEO of Rocky Mountain Prep, a growing Denver area CMO. He fished as a kid: And he fishes now: You know who else likes to go fishing? Lots of people in the education world. Hundreds of pictures of education types with fish right here.

Friday Fish Porn – Canada

Here’s Jamie Rees. He was one of Bellwether’s first interns, a stand out soccer player, poet, and all around great human. Now teaching high school math in Baltimore for the past few years. Adventures in between – including fishing. A westerner by birth and inclination, this summer he was in western Canada and this happened: […]

Friday Fish Porn – Little Rivers, Tough Fish

Here’s Jason Gaulden, who among other roles in the education world helped get GratefulEd going and is a keen follower of the music scene as well as a passionate advocate for better schools. He’s just getting into fly fishing, but the smile is a signal that you should think about taking it up, too. This […]

Friday Fish – Fuller’s Back

Last week Kosar came back, but Bellwether’s Ali Fuller won’t let go of the Mayor of Fish Porn crown without a fight. So here’s some farm pond fishing from an end of summer trip the Fuller family took:                 You wan to see more pictures of education types, […]

Friday Fish – More Kosars!

It’s unclear to me how Kevin Kosar stays either employed or married given how much time he spends fishing with his daughter. But she is one lucky girl. If you are looking for hundreds of pictures of education people fishing – often with their families – then you have come to the right place.

Friday Fish Porn – Alaska…

Here’s Jamie Scott of JKAF – the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, based in Boise, Idaho. The foundation does a variety of work, including supporting some of Bellwether’s rural education work. But more immediately, what a fish! She caught it a few weeks ago in Alaska. Also, great hat. And you’ve seen her here before. This […]