Exlusion Inclusion: Another Winerip Special!

In an otherwise interesting column about a NYC school, anti-No Child Left Behind propagandist Michael Winerip manages to get a dig in on the law. One is again left dumbfounded about why the most important newspaper in the world, The New York Times, has kept this guy on this beat for so long: Ms. Senechal […]

Michael Winerip Discovers Disaggregation!

Good news! NYT education columnist, part-time FairTest flack, confuser of NYC parents, and anti-NCLB propagandist Michael Winerip has, pace today’s column, discovered disaggregated data. He criticizes Jay Mathews’ “Challenge Index” because “Newsweek’s one-variable-takes-all ratings of the 1,200 best high schools are often at odds with federal, state and local assessment systems that typically use more […]

Michael Winerip Decries Philanthropic Darwinism

In the NYT Michael Winerip does some source-greasing of his favorite idea mill for stories: FairTest. Russo said a while ago that FairTest is on the fringe. That’s basically true though as Eduwonk said it’s not a reason to not call them. The real problem is that FairTest has basically become (a) No-test* and consequently […]

He’s Back…NYT’s Winerip Dusts Off The Proven Methods!

What a bargain. The Bush Administration had to pay Armstrong Williams but the NEA gets New York Times education columnist and prolific No Child Left Behind Act disinformation machine Michael Winerip for free! In today’s column Winerip returns to his favorite storyline: the school not making adequate yearly progress and the unfairness and horror of […]

Winerip On Math

NYT’s Michael Winerip turns in an interesting profile of his former high school and the predominance of Asian kids in the math club. Yes, it’s stereotypical…but he also does a nice job capturing the perspective of students who are recent immigrants. But here’s where Winerip’s favorite punching bag, NCLB, comes in sort of handy. He […]

A Lot Of Cheese, And Some Edujobs

Wisconsin is dominating the news.  Count me among those who think it is significant for a bunch of reasons – but not because of November’s presidential contest.  What jumps out at me from last night are two figures (a) 38 percent of people with a union member in their household went for Scott Walker according […]

Posted on Jun 6, 2012 @ 10:47am

Conjuring Romney And Let’s Go To The Videotape?!

In the American Spectator RiShawn Biddle argues that Romney largely will continue the education policies of Bush and Obama – mainly because he has some moderates advising him and once was a moderate on the issue. But as a rule it’s always risky to conflate the policy apparatus of a presidential campaign with its political […]

Odds And Ends

Head Start: This Head Start announcement today is not just an event for an event’s sake.  The policy here matters on the thorny issue of Head Start reform. Update – Sara Mead has more. Politics: All edueyes on Ohio, that matters, but pay attention to the state level elections in Virginia, important harbinger of what […]

Except For Them!

NYT education reporter Michael Winerip’s method of holding up schools that are not meeting various accountability requirements and giving an incomplete picture of these schools and what’s going on is well-established.  The archetype of the genre is Lake Alfred in Florida. And of course, Wheeler Elementary deserves a place in the pantheon, too. Today we […]

Good For Thee?

Where are the Winerip dittoheads?  Nothing but silence when his column today talks approvingly about kicking a  student out of a school (skimming!) and falsely classifying staff (fraud!)? If he wrote about a charter school doing the same wouldn’t it be further evidence of pervasive mendacity and lead to a day long festival of tweets […]