Friday Fish Porn – Tim Taylor Warms Up

Tim Taylor of America Succeeds – the national outgrowth of Colorado EAO Colorado Succeeds – was in Florida recently and did some fishing for the plate. Here he is with a nice sea trout – always fun on the fly. This is Tim’s second Friday Fish Porn appearance. All past fish porn pics dating back […]

Friday Fish Porn – Taylorism, Plus Willem Dafoe Fishing With John

That’s not Tim Taylor of America Succeeds. Tim’s been on here a few times with fish and fowl. It’s his wife, floating the iconic Madison, with her first fish on the fly. And it’s a nice one. Also, as bonus content because he’s in the news with the Spiderman film, here’s Willem Dafoe and artist John […]

Friday Fish Porn – Ringmaster

America Succeeds’ Tim Taylor is no stranger around here. He’s appeared in fish porn before (for instance here and here) and some adjacencies like ducks. Today, some pictures from a recent Mexico trip – triggerfish on their way to being cerviche and Tim’s strategy for making new friends wherever he goes.         […]

Posted on Sep 21, 2018 @ 8:30am

Friday Fish Porn – Well Not Really, At All.

It’s winter so the fishing has slowed down (hundreds of fish pics here though) but education people are still getting outside and we’re diversifying from just fish pics: Tim Taylor of America Succeeds managed to work some duck hunting into an Arkansas trip. And Ali Fuller of Bellwether took this ibex in Spain earlier this […]

Posted on Feb 3, 2017 @ 8:30am

Hillary Clinton And Higher Ed, Prisons V. Schools, Buck Up History Advocates – Was It Over When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor? School Finance, Teacher Salaries, Demographic Data, And Henderson On DC And What’s Next. Plus Fish Pics And Mothman!

Below are some great fish pictures with Tim Taylor. Fish Porn Mayor Kevin Kosar has some, too, on his Twitter feed. Here and here most recently. Draft innovative assessment pilot regulations out.  The ambition for new ways of assessment bumps into the reality of assessment capacity. Alyson Klein here. Hillary Clinton is tuning and emphasizing her […]

Friday Fish Porn – Taylor Succeeds!

By day, Tim Taylor leads America Succeeds, but he’s also a solid fisherman and accomplished wing shooter. He’s been featured on Fish Porn before, for instance here and here and here. I’ve been on the water with him, good person to spend a day outside with. He took his son fishing this summer and there were bent […]

Friday Fish Porn – Bellwether On The Fork

Adair Bard, who is part of Bellwether’s Policy and Thought Leadership Team, was in Colorado earlier this month. The Mississippi native decided to try cold water fishing and took a day on the Roaring Fork. Here she is with a nice rainbow trout. There are big browns (really big) and rainbow trout in that water […]

Posted on Sep 11, 2015 @ 7:30am

Friday Fish Porn AK And CO

It’s hard to beat summer in Alaska. Here’s Bellwether Associate Partner Ali Fuller in Alaska with a fat salmon headed for the plate.  Does this look familiar to you? It’s not Ali’s first time in Friday Fish Porn, here she is last year with another salmon, different trip. And here’s Tim Taylor of America Succeeds […]

Friday Fish Pic – Take A Kid Fishing

Here’s a lovely picture of the daughter of Ellevation’s Jordan Meranus enjoying a day on the Colorado River near its headwaters last month. It’s not her first time on the blog, here’s one from 2007. If you want to browse the world’s largest collection of education types with fish, more than 100 pictures, including – […]

Friday Fish Porn – Back For 2013

The weather is warming up, and that means fishing. Tim Taylor of Colorado Succeeds and America Succeeds succeeds here with a Yellow Jack: Education writer Richard Whitmire’s wife Robin – a badass runner/cyclist and competent angler as well as all around wonderful person, if you don’t know her – celebrated Mother’s Day catching this largemouth […]