Friday Fish Porn – We Are Deep In Stripers

We’ve had striped bass the last two weeks here and here. Now, Tori Hornstein sends along a mule she caught off of Rhode Island.  Tori is Vice President of Development and Partnerships for Young Education Professionals- DC. And here’s Catherine Cullen with one caught in the Honga River off the Chesapeake Bay.  Catherine – a former Ed […]

Friday Fish Porn – Stripers!

Barbara Davidson is a longtime standards and curriculum expert.  Most recently she’s been working on Common Core implementation as Deputy Director for the  curriculum organization Common Core (named and operating before the Common Core state standards were on the scene).  There is plenty of disagreement about those new standards but hopefully everyone can lay down […]

Friday Fish Porn – Comms Edition

Kenneth Baer is the founder and CEO of Crosscut Strategies, a great comms, media, and strategy firm. They also do crisis comms, which I hope you don’t need but if you do… Ken wrote what is considered perhaps the definitive book on the rise of New Democrats in the Democratic Party. He also likes to get outside […]

Friday Fish Porn. Or, If You Prefer, Pics!

We need to talk about Friday Fish Porn. “No thanks,” you say. Well, hang on. As emails have become more of a popular way to get the blog and content blockers more of an issue, the few emails I used to get like this have become more common, “Just a note that educators prefer not […]

Friday Fish Porn: The Mayor With A Gar

We’ve had a lot of fish here over the years, different kinds of trout, salmon, large and smallmouth bass, stripers, shad…but we’ve never had a gar. Until today. Here’s Kevin Kosar, by day an analyst but more importantly the Mayor of Fish Porn again, with a gar he caught last weekend in the shadow of […]

Friday Fish Porn – More Chesapeake Bay!

I thought we got all the stripers out of our system last week but it turns out there are more.  Here’s CRS’ Kevin Kosar with some rockfish – a double he caught last weekend.  Kosar is a polymath. He knows federal education policy inside and out and he’s also an expert on whiskey.  Either one […]

Friday Fish Porn (And Fish Pics) – All In The Merrow Family

It’s Friday and summertime, that can only mean one thing…. This week we revisit the Merrow family. Longtime education journalist John Merrow is no slouch with a fishing rod – and neither is his wife (or grandkids!).  Here they each are with stripers – released so still swimming around – caught this summer. Here’s John: […]

Friday Fish Porn – Fly Fishing Consultant (Yes, it exists!) Edition

DC edupolicy types know Larry Snowhite, a longtime government relations hand for publishing and assessment companies.  Good guy, but doesn’t fish with obsession.  His son, however, more than makes up for that. Rob Snowhite is not only accomplished with the fly rod he’s figured out how to live the dream – he earns his living […]