More Michigan – Funky Rubber Room!

Yesterday we checked in on the Race to the Top debate in Michigan.  Today, Detroit News editorial writer and columnist Amber Arellano writes up a guest post on the debate in Motown over the possible arrival of “rubber rooms,” which as we’ve noted on this blog aren’t as fun as the name implies. Detroit’s New Rubber Room New […]

More Rubber Room Action!

Like sweetbreads, the “rubber room” isn’t nearly as much fun as the name implies. A new NPR PRI documentary looks at all that.

Posted on Apr 4, 2008 @ 2:15pm

Advancing Equity in the Classroom with High Expectations for All

Each year, AVID has the opportunity to provide professional learning for over 70,000 educators. Nearly four decades of training experience have taught us that the most impactful learning occurs when we help educators understand the WHY? At AVID our foundational WHY is equity: ensuring that all students have the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to maximize […]

Posted on Aug 15, 2018 @ 12:19pm

More NYC…Small Jailbreak To Free The UFT Two?…And, Rubber Soul!

NY Post’s Sager says Democrats are defecting on charters in NY. And Newsday joins the fray of those looking at the UFT contract writing about rubber rooms (not nearly as fun as they sound…). Trust Eduwonk, you want to read a story that includes the line: Another woman told Newsday of her own $2,500 fine […]

Education Books, King On Narrowing, MN Teacher Lawsuit, Turnaround Troubles, Pearson, Normalizing Pre-K Debate, Hamilton For Students, And More! Also, Caught Snake & Escapee Octopus

So there is a new romance novel based on New York’s infamous Rubber Rooms. Can’t wait to read but the bar for good education novels is quite high. For instance, there was an amazing one about No Child Left Behind and erectile dysfunction that really set a standard. Speaking of books, Grapes of Wrath, a […]

Updates: Vouchers & Brown

New York Times takes a look at the whole Campbell Brown debate.  It has gotten nasty, but I still think part of the heat here stems from the attention it’s putting on the broken arbitration system.  Like “rubber rooms” it’s one of these dirty secrets that doesn’t get a lot of attention and where tacit […]

Brill Responds

Per the post below where the American Federation of Teachers’ talking points memo accuses him of fabricating quotes in The New York Times Magazine, Steven Brill writes to say: If I were going to “fabricate” a quote, why would I pick one that is so unsurprising? After all Ms. Weingarten’s own website quotes her on […]

Streamed From New York

Here’s Joel Klein on NYC’s “rubber room” deal, curriculum, and Florida on MSNBC. And here’s a new RTT television ad that is running in New York.

Help Wanted

So the teachers’ unions start the week with the simply devastating New Yorker story on New York’s “rubber rooms” and end with this sharp-edged Times editorial on Race to the Top and accountability that singles them out as a problem. Time to either get some new PR help or, even better, get some new policies? […]