Barber On Data, Problems With Goldman’s Early Ed Data? Smarick On RTT, Whitmire’s Grand Tour, Teacher Pensions, The Long Game In MA, Joint Ventures In Higher Ed

Michael Barber on why data matters in education and elsewhere. Training, or lack of, for school resource officers. Are the assumptions underlying the Goldman social impact bond program in Utah faulty? Whitmire on a New York stop on education’s grand tour. In the wake of some accidents new science experiment standards! Petrilli on discipline. Paul Toner on […]

RTT And Common Core: Coercion Or Catalyst?

An ongoing debate in the education world right now is whether the Obama Administration coerced states to adopt Common Core.  There are strong feelings on all sides, particularly among those who see Common Core as national overreach. But the stridency masks some nuance in how states are approaching Common Core and why behind the scenes […]

RTTD Extended, Klein Questioning, Rainy Day Reads On Math, Science, And Reading, VA Outsourcing? Plus An Edujob @ Bellwether

Every cloud has a silver lining? Application deadline for RTTD being extended because of Sandy. Alyson Klein wants answers on the SIG program.  But Thomas Dee has some interesting data. Random reads for a rainy day: Leave aside the dig about plummeting science literacy (hyperbole) here’s a quirky (quarky?) case for the arts and science.  […]

RTT-D Resources

With the RTT-D competition underway here’s a overview and primer from Whiteboard Advisors.  And here are some resources from Ed Elements.

RTT, Charters, And Money

133 years ago the Lincoln County War was breaking out.   Today it’s the battle of Madison. But as you’re checking all that out don’t miss TIME’s Michael Grunwald on the stimulus and RTT. Emily Ayscue Hassel, Bryan C. Hassel and Joe Ableidinger have a provocative new paper out from PPI about strategies to dramatically scale-up […]

Magnum, RTT

There are some edujobs working on Race to the Top in Hawaii…

Suzanne Tacheny-Kubach On State EAOs & RTT

Yesterday Alice Cain discussed how RTT was about more than money.  Today PIE-NET’s Suzanne Tachney shares the view of state advocacy leaders about the competition. No Safety In Numbers? By Suzanne Tachney Last week, Eduwonk and I traded emails on the relevance of the Eastern flavor of the Race to the Top winners. Did you […]

Alice Cain On Teacher Evaluation & RTT

Two guest posts coming today and tomorrow.  Today, Alice Cain, former education advisor to House Labor and Education Chair George Miller (D-CA) and current leader of education work at Hope Street Group discusses Race to the Top implications on teacher evaluation.  Tomorrow, Suzanne Tachney the executive director of PIE-NET (disc: a group I helped launch) […]

Posted on Sep 13, 2010 @ 2:10pm

RTT Day After

I had the craziest dream last night, Louisiana, a state that is a leader on all the things that the administration says are priorities didn’t get Race to the Top funding…oh wait… Anyway, New York never disappoints, the Patterson presser is one for the ages.  ‘Race to the cock?’  What the hell? Big takeaways beyond […]

RTT – Updated

Congrats:  Winners list is public now:  DC, FL, GA HI, MD, MA, NY, NC, OH, RI. Reminder: Round II finalists were:  AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, HI, IL, KY, LA, MD, MA, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, RI, SC Fallout: This list is causing some raised eyebrows already.   Keep an eye out for questions […]