Friday Fish Porn: The Roza Return

The Roza family are fish porn regulars here. They’re back today with some action from Labor Day weekend in Idaho.  Today, one of Marguerite “Commodore” Roza’s daughters and her husband with some nice looking trout.  Roza is a school finance expert, currently based out of Georgetown University but working all over the country. Eight years(!) […]

Friday Fish Pics!

Something you can do socially distant – and that lots of people like to do socially distant even when it’s not the norm? Fishing. The husband and daughter of Commodore Roza, who has some smart analysis of possible financial impacts from this crisis, got out for a day last week in Washington. And here’s Kevin […]

Friday Fish Porn – Spring Rainbow

This is just a great picture. Happy angler, mountains, big fish… It’s the Commodore’s daughter Anabel fishing a few weeks ago in Idaho. The Roza family are not strangers to fish porn. If you want more education types (In her day job Marguerite “Commodore” Roza is arguably the leading school finance innovator in the sector) […]

Friday Fish Porn – Mr. Commodore

Fewer fish pictures in the winter but you can still get out, I had a good day on a river a few weeks ago. Scott Roza, Marguerite Roza’s husband, was on the Provo River in Utah this week. If you don’t know her work, you should, amazing contributor in the sector. For his part, Scott’s a great […]

Friday Fish Porn – Summer Day Edition

Here’s Victor Reinoso fly fishing in Utah a few years ago. He and I had a great day on the water outside of Park City after a meeting. A little hiking and we had the river all to ourselves. Victor is a former deputy mayor in Washington, D.C., he’s a senior advisor at Bellwether, and […]

Friday Fish Porn

With summer winding down fewer fish pics, but here are few recent ones.  First, Whiteboard’s Ben Wallerstein near Yellowstone: And here is Marguerite Roza’s husband (clothed this time) and one of her daughters on the Methow River: Consultant Christina Culver in Idaho: Want dozens of pictures of education types with fish? Just click here.

Friday Fish Porn – More Merrows! Plus Mr. Commodore!

The family of education writer and TV/documentary producer John Merrow are no strangers to Friday Fish Porn. Today we see his grandson on the Edgartown town pier.  Apparently he was a half-dozen fish in before they stopped to snap a pic.  Good reminder to take a kid fishing while it’s warm out. Here is a guy […]