Friday Fish Porn: Bull Session With Steve Mesler

Steve Mesler is, among other things, a Bellwether author, three-time Olympian, member of the U.S. Olympic Committee, an Olympic Gold Medalist, and founder of Classroom Champions (it’s entirely possible he doesn’t introduce himself in that order very much). He can also fish. Here he is earlier this month in Alberta with a bull trout. Bull […]

Friday Fish Porn! Mentor & Mentee Edition!

Steve Mesler was a college decathlete* who switched to bobsledding. After a World Championship, Olympic Gold Medal (part of a team to win the first US four-man gold in six decades, other podium finishes) he decided maybe he wasn’t cut out for that and pivoted to education with his sister, a researcher at MDRC, and […]

Clinton On Bullying, John Legend On Charters, Marc Tucker On Finance Scams, Teachers And Retirement Scams, Key Charter Endorsements In Massachusetts, Conflicting Education Data In VA, Mathematica Evals, NAEP, And Stoner Moms!

Scroll down this page for a picture of Steve Mesler with a fish and some open edujobs. Hillary Clinton released an anti-bullying initiative yesterday. If ever there was an issue that screamed for national attention but local solutions this is it. Her plan walks that line. This is an issue that easy to dismiss as […]

Posted on Oct 28, 2016 @ 11:14am