Friday Fish Porn – More Merrows! Plus Mr. Commodore!

The family of education writer and TV/documentary producer John Merrow are no strangers to Friday Fish Porn. Today we see his grandson on the Edgartown town pier.  Apparently he was a half-dozen fish in before they stopped to snap a pic.  Good reminder to take a kid fishing while it’s warm out. Here is a guy […]

Friday Fish Porn (And Fish Pics) – All In The Merrow Family

It’s Friday and summertime, that can only mean one thing…. This week we revisit the Merrow family. Longtime education journalist John Merrow is no slouch with a fishing rod – and neither is his wife (or grandkids!).  Here they each are with stripers – released so still swimming around – caught this summer. Here’s John: […]

Friday Fish Porn – Mr. Commodore

Fewer fish pictures in the winter but you can still get out, I had a good day on a river a few weeks ago. Scott Roza, Marguerite Roza’s husband, was on the Provo River in Utah this week. If you don’t know her work, you should, amazing contributor in the sector. For his part, Scott’s a great […]

Friday Fish Pic – Take A Kid Fishing

Here’s a lovely picture of the daughter of Ellevation’s Jordan Meranus enjoying a day on the Colorado River near its headwaters last month. It’s not her first time on the blog, here’s one from 2007. If you want to browse the world’s largest collection of education types with fish, more than 100 pictures, including – […]

Friday Fish Porn

With summer winding down fewer fish pics, but here are few recent ones.  First, Whiteboard’s Ben Wallerstein near Yellowstone: And here is Marguerite Roza’s husband (clothed this time) and one of her daughters on the Methow River: Consultant Christina Culver in Idaho: Want dozens of pictures of education types with fish? Just click here.

How To Take A Kid Fishing In Three Steps!

Petrilli did it. I don’t know why, but despite my frequent pleas to get outside and take a kid fishing it was this picture of Fordham’s Mike Petrilli fishing with his kids that has prompted several emails and calls from colleagues asking, ‘I want to do this, but how?’  One person even said that he […]

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Friday Fish — Summer Round-Up

I let the summer fish pictures and fish porn pile up so today we’re going to clean out the cupboard before the weather gets cold.   No coldwater fish though, didn’t anyone catch trout this summer? To start, here’s John Merrow’s granddaughter Valentina.  Seriously, take a kid fishing when you get the chance.  And James Wilcox’s mom is back!    James is CEO at […]

And the winner of the fish porn guessing game is…

Ben Wildavsky of former U.S. News fame, now at the Kauffman Foundation, who correctly identified both John Merrow (pictured left, of PBS and Learning Matters fame) and answered why Rod Paige never invites Merrow out for a little golfing fun (see Ben’s full response in comments). Ok, Ben had some advantages. He was in the […]

Ted Sizer

Ted Sizer has passed away.   He was an amazing force and thinker in American education.  In fact, our  first interview at Education Sector was with him.  As both an educator and intellectual in education he changed lives for the better.  Not much more you can say for someone than that. HGSE has more here and the Coalition […]