Friday Fish Pic: Goldstein Goes Largemouth

Mike Goldstein is an educational polymath and one of the original guestbloggers here and a returner many times since – where he goes wild. But I think fish pics is a first. He took some family time in New England and this picture of a largemouth bass is a pandemic-era trifecta: time outside, smiling kid, […]

Friday Fish Pics – Georgia Largemouth!

Ben Sayeski a former school principal, is Managing Partner at Education Strategy Consulting, a data analytics firm. Here’s his daughter with a nice largemouth bass – a common species where the Georgia-based Sayeksi family is. Friday Fish Porn is a longtime but sometimes episodic feature (that’s why they call it fishing not catching) around here. It’s […]

Friday Fish Pic! Weeby’s Designs On A Largemouth!

It’s Friday. Here’s Jason Weeby, formerly of Bellwether and currently at NSVF, out with his son fishing. Something you can do socially distanced? Something that almost guarantees a smile? Take a kid fishing!  Quite timely to have Jason this week because he’s a long time advocate for design thinking in education and just this week Kayne […]

Posted on Jul 10, 2020 @ 8:30am

Friday Fish Porn: Job Seeking Edition…Plus Another Largemouth!

Here’s Justin Stone, he’s a former PPI education team member, finishing a doctorate at University of Virginia’s Curry School, and looking to come to DC for an ed policy job. If he can land a bass like this, just think what he can do for your organization! Email him yourself. Like Howie Schaffer he’s a […]

Friday Fish Porn – Class In Session

Parker Baxter is Director of the Center for Education Policy Analysis at the School of Public Affairs at CU Denver. More on that below. He’s also a fisherman, has fished all over the country including for smallmouth bass on Virginia’s Shenandoah. Couple of fish here, including a monster largemouth bass from Florida last weekend.  And a good reminder to […]

Friday Fish Porn – Back For 2013

The weather is warming up, and that means fishing. Tim Taylor of Colorado Succeeds and America Succeeds succeeds here with a Yellow Jack: Education writer Richard Whitmire’s wife Robin – a badass runner/cyclist and competent angler as well as all around wonderful person, if you don’t know her – celebrated Mother’s Day catching this largemouth […]

Friday Fish — Summer Round-Up

I let the summer fish pictures and fish porn pile up so today we’re going to clean out the cupboard before the weather gets cold.   No coldwater fish though, didn’t anyone catch trout this summer? To start, here’s John Merrow’s granddaughter Valentina.  Seriously, take a kid fishing when you get the chance.  And James Wilcox’s mom is back!    James is CEO at […]

Friday Fish Porn: Fordham Edition

While Leafy Mike was deciding that you can go home again, another Fordhamian was away from home. Here’s Fordham Foundation Vice President & Treasurer Eric Osberg and a largemouth bass he caught on vacation this summer in Wisconsin. And, how’s this for a fish story, says Osberg: …my brother hooked a 12 inch bass, and […]

Friday Fish Porn! Howie Schaffer: Power Baiter!

Last week we got excited about Jim Griffin’s rainbow trout on the fly. But who would’ve figured Public Education Network’s Howie Schaffer as a Bassmaster? Well here he is with a 17″ largemouth he pulled out of a lake near his family’s camp in Upstate New York. He’s a man of the people, not some […]

Posted on Nov 17, 2006 @ 8:06am