Holiday Books…And More….

Put off your holiday shopping? Need a last minute stocking stuffer? Here’s the Eduwonk Holiday Book List. And some bonus coffee and sock ideas, too. Jonathan Rauch’s new book “The Constitution of Knowledge” is the concise case for liberalism as a force for progress. It’s accessible, because whether he’s writing about special interest gridlock, free speech […]

2020 Holiday Books (And Music!)

Here’s this year’s holiday book list, which people seem to like, perhaps because it doesn’t include many education books. Or perhaps because we all procrastinate and need last minute gift ideas…anyway there were a lot of good education books this year – Harvard Education Press put out a bunch so check their catalog. Fredrick deBoer’s “Cult […]

Holiday Books

People said they liked last year’s book list, so here we go again for this year. Like half my friends I’m hoping to find the new Grant biography and Against the Grain in my stocking on Christmas morning. But rather than a wishlist, here are a handful of the books, new and old but more off the […]

Holiday Edu-Reads

This Wall Street Journal story is worth your time. Financial companies buy their way into teachers lounges with offers of free food or other perks, only to sell teachers on expensive, fee-laded 403(b) plans. Meanwhile, state and national teachers unions are willing middlemen who get kickbacks from these deals. Lest you don’t trust the Wall […]

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2018 Holiday Book List

Running behind on your holiday shopping? As in past years, here are some book ideas from the past year (past year for me, they’re not all new and one is quite old): There’s a reason everyone is talking about Tara Westover’s “Educated.” In its totality it may not be representative or generalizable, but it is indisputably […]

Eduwonk Holiday Book List!

If you’re like me you might not be entirely on top of your holiday shopping. And you might have some readers on your list. Here’s a few recent (and not so recent) books from the past few months that I’d highly recommend: Hillbilly Elegy.  JD Vance’s memoir is a poignant reminder that the ‘who has […]

Ask Eduwonk, Special Holiday Edition!

I get a lot of emails this time of year asking, ‘what should I get for the special eduwonk in my life?’ It’s a tough question, everyone is different, and amazingly some people don’t find Collective Bargaining in Education to be the gift to top all gifts. But, to help, here are a couple of […]

Bankert On Tight Loose, Korman On JJ, Aldeman On Pension Data, Plus ELLs, Parkland, Alexander, Bad School Information, Bad Applications, Clarence At Christmas, More!

2018 holiday book list tomorrow. Lina Bankert on how to think about tight and loose in school networks. Chad Aldeman on how teacher pension data are a treasure trove on questions far beyond just retirement policy. Hailly Korman on the juvenile justice bill on its way to the President’s desk. Related, have you played “Rigged” yet? […]

Pension Bets, Squire Cautions On ESSA, Mead On The Tax Bill, Rodrigues On Testing, Williams On Multilingual Early Ed, Charter Grad Rates, ESSA, Incentive Pay For Teachers, Dickens…

Scroll down for some edujobs if your New Year’s resolution was to find a new one. Sara Mead on the tax bill and kids. Last week I wrote about the tax bill’s 529 changes. Max Marchitello goes all super hero in the ESSA debate. But, Julie Squire offers some good cautions on thinking about state ESSA plans. […]

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