Thank You Guestbloggers!

Big thanks to Ari Rozman, Tim Daly, and David Keeling from EdNavigator, Kira Orange Jones of Teach For America and the Louisiana Board of Education,  Kevin Kosar of the R Street Institute, Derrell Bradford of NYCAN and Alex Hernandez of the Charter School Growth Fund for some great guestblogging during August. You can scroll through to read their stuff you missed it […]

DNC Blogging, Eduwonk Guestbloggers, Counterintuitive Goings On, College Advice, PC Debate

Bellwether is still blogging the DNC with The 74.  Bloomberg spoke last night. Short version: Doesn’t care for Trump, does care about better schools. Here at Eduwonk, guestbloggers all of August, great line up. A few intuitive and counterintuitive things: Malcolm Gladwell on how America’s elite colleges are awol from the fight for economic mobility. BTW – […]

Guestblogger: Elizabeth Evans On Vergara

Vergara v. California: An Edu-Wars Red Herring By Elizabeth Evans In Vergara v. California the court once again reprimanded us for the still inexorable inequity in our public education system. But, like Brown v. Board of Education, if we don’t pay attention to the fix instead of the fight, we’re going to end up wasting […]

Playmaker>Guestblogger: Jean Desravines

Last week New Leaders (an organization Bellwether works with) released a new report looking at what great principals do.  I asked Jean Desravines, the CEO of New Leaders, to pen a guest post about the report, his take is below: By Jean Desravines The first term of the Obama Administration heralded a new direction for […]

Send In The Guestbloggers

I’m going to take a blogging break for the next two weeks.  But some good things lined up in the interim.  Next week a bunch of great folks are going to drop by to guestblog, including fly fishing pinup idol Paul Herdman, D.C. Deputy Mayor Victor Reinoso, the Piscalnator, Sarah Usdin from New Schools for […]

Guestblogger Margaret Spellings

Let me begin by thanking Andy Rotherham for the opportunity to begin my blogging career on I’m happy to have this opportunity to use technology to share a new white paper about technology based on what we’ve learned during the roundtables we hosted this year along with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin.Today, no group […]

Guestblogger Maureen Miller

Eduwonk standard 5.14.08b: The writer will be able to thank Andy profusely for this opportunity to guest post. NYT’s Sam Dillon, among others, reports Teach for America’s “surge in popularity” this past school year. But the applicant data he cites isn’t much news: Roughly 10 percent of the Yale senior class has applied to TFA […]

Student Voice: Guestblogger Ari Ne’eman

First, thanks to Andrew for inviting me to guest blog here on Eduwonk. After this post about student bloggers, I sent him an e-mail suggesting it and he jumped on the idea with an enthusiasm that I don’t often see from the professional community. Youth voices are essential to the education reform process and I’m […]

Guestblogger Dal Lawrence On Professionalization

Dal Lawrence is the former President of the Toledo Federation of Teachers, he was instrumental in the creation of the Toledo Peer Review Plan among other reforms there. Professionalization is the term that teacher union leaders today use to describe the transformation of teacher unions from antagonistic, defensive-minded organizations to high performance organizations that place […]