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Posting will be light until after the holidays, although you can always try me on Twitter. And check out the content on Ahead of the Heard and the teacher pension blog. In the meantime, here’s some stuff from 2017. The ten most popular 2017 Eduwonk posts (in order): 1) 6 Inconvenient DeVos Truths 2) Michigan […]

Newark, Pension Funds, Scouts And Gender, Gender And Tech, Personalized, More!

Teens and anxiety, important. So the idea is out there that teachers unions and hedge funds and private equity are mortal enemies. That’s understandable if all you pay attention to is social media and the rhetoric. In fact, they are more like frenemies, because teachers’ union controlled pension funds are one key source of funds […]

Kaya Henderson On The Move, For-Profit Higher Ed, Accountability Games, Online Earnestness, CTE, Higher Ed, Charters, And Teachers Unions Against Investors! Plus Cheese News.

Happy Independence Day weekend! On this date in 1863 the Army of the Potomac led by George Meade and the Army of Northern Virginia led by Robert E. Lee bumped into each other in the sleepy town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and the course of American history was changed. Kaya Henderson stepping down in D.C. My […]

Pension Dollars: An Exception To The Education World’s Anti-Bullying Stance

Bloomberg takes a look at some pushing and shoving over where teacher pension funds should be invested in New York. I have no idea if Joel Greenblatt* is the best money manager for public pension funds and how his investments compare with other options, but I do think that whether or not he’s into charter […]

Posted on Feb 24, 2015 @ 4:41pm

Spitzer & Pensions

Elliot Spitzer’s return to public life is not surprisingly having its bumps.  He got roughed up on Morning Joe today and in both major NYC tabloid papers. But here’s a reason to welcome his return to the arena: Pensions.  The office he’s running for, while somewhat obscure, is high-leverage when it comes to public pensions […]