Friday Fish Pics – The Rouse Family

I am really behind on the fish pics and have a great stockpile. Today, since it’s unofficially summer everywhere, here’s a family fishing one. This is Bellwether Partner Katie Rouse and her kids Ali and Harry in Islamorada, Florida. Down in the keys. A great sport fishing destination and place to spend time.   Friday […]

Friday Fish Pics!

Julie Corbett is an education consultant based in the northeast. She and I share an affinity for low-profile but high-leverage issues like procurement. She has a new pub out on that issue. And an affinity for fishing. She shows up from time to time in fish pics and fish porn with her family. Today, check […]

Friday Fish Pics – Bellwether Edition

Lina Bankert is a partner at Bellwether and long time team member. She also takes her kids fishing! Here’s one below – with the accomplishment and smile that you go for. You can take a kid fishing too. Want more pics of fish, or education people with fish? Who wouldn’t? Here are hundreds. Send me yours.

Friday Fish Pics – Hot Summer, Cold Water

Here’s a lovely trout caught by Natasha Wanjiru, a student at Sewanee University in Tennessee. This summer she’s a counselor at Green River Preserve Camp, where this beauty was caught. Natasha is an alum of Bridge International Academies in Kenya. It’s a good reminder that it’s camp season again and that fish make people smile so take […]

Friday Fish Pics – Bellwether Edition

Here’s Bellwether’s Christine Wade with a sunfish (and an all-natural green screen) in West Virginia. And I don’t usually post my pictures, seems gratuitous, but I enjoy a good fish story and I went fishing in West Virginia’s rivers too, this week… It’s fall so the pace of fish shots around here slows down…but you […]

Posted on Oct 2, 2020 @ 8:15am

Friday Fish Pics, Fish Porn, And Fish Policy!

Julie Corbett is an education consultant who is a frequent flyer on fish porn. Here’s her son enjoying some fishing on Lake Champlain this summer.  Julie and Janice Garland recently published this analysis for CCSSO on the state implementation of the federal requirement for More Rigorous Options for underperforming schools. And that brings us to […]

Friday Fish Pics – Georgia Largemouth!

Ben Sayeski a former school principal, is Managing Partner at Education Strategy Consulting, a data analytics firm. Here’s his daughter with a nice largemouth bass – a common species where the Georgia-based Sayeksi family is. Friday Fish Porn is a longtime but sometimes episodic feature (that’s why they call it fishing not catching) around here. It’s […]

Friday Fish Pics!

2020 is no picnic, but there are a lot of worse ways to wade through it than by taking a kid fishing. Here’s education consultant Cami Anderson doing exactly that with her fantastic son on the Truckee in Northern California. It’s not risk free, the child of a mutual friend of mine and Cami’s once walked […]

Friday Fish Pics

Laura LoGerfo was in southern Illinois recently and did the only responsible thing a parent can do in a situation like that – she took her kids fishing! The trip report, in her words, “Moments after they threw in their lines, the girls were catching fish.  They absolutely loved it.” Smiles confirm. By day, when she’s […]

Posted on Jul 17, 2020 @ 8:00am

Friday Fish Pics!

Something you can do socially distant – and that lots of people like to do socially distant even when it’s not the norm? Fishing. The husband and daughter of Commodore Roza, who has some smart analysis of possible financial impacts from this crisis, got out for a day last week in Washington. And here’s Kevin […]