Friday Fish Porn – Melody Schopp

Melody Schopp is a terrific person in our sector. Smart, committed, fun to work with. She’s done a bunch of things. And, you know what’s coming, she enjoys fishing! We’ve talked previously about her hunting adjacent work. I am out fishing myself, so that’s it for content this week. If you choose, you can peruse this […]

Friday Fish Porn – The Ghost Of Big Red

It’s cold in the east, so here’s a warm weather picture from Texas. James Willcox and his daughter, Madison, in Corpus Christi. James is not a rookie. His mom, who is better at fishing than you are, used to be a regular around here. And he checks in from time to time. A new reader reached […]

Friday Fish Porn – Mayor Kosar

It’s 2022. A new year. New fishing possibilities. Here, at the end of last year, is Fish Porn Mayor Kevin Kosar with some nice trout in South Carolina. He’s done a lot of work in the ed sector and by day he covers several government functions for AEI. Send me your late pics from 2021 […]

Friday Fish Porn – A Christmas Miracle

Here’s Jack Shaw, he’s been here a few times, with a lovely trout he got into this month because lately the fishing is better than the skiing in Colorado. Need a last minute stocking stuffer? Here’s the worst gift idea ever: Hundreds of pictures of education people with fish in this one of a kind archive, that […]

Friday Fish Porn – Taylorism, Plus Willem Dafoe Fishing With John

That’s not Tim Taylor of America Succeeds. Tim’s been on here a few times with fish and fowl. It’s his wife, floating the iconic Madison, with her first fish on the fly. And it’s a nice one. Also, as bonus content because he’s in the news with the Spiderman film, here’s Willem Dafoe and artist John […]

Friday Fish Porn – The Gordie Howe Of The South Platte

Here’s former Bellwarian, current education consultant, and hockey and fishing aficionado Jason Weeby with a lovely trout in Colorado. He’s been a guest here a few times with various fish and some adorable kid pics. Friday fish what did you say? Indeed. Here are hundreds of pictures in this one of a kind archive, that also includes Fish […]

Friday Fish Porn – Comms Edition

Kenneth Baer is the founder and CEO of Crosscut Strategies, a great comms, media, and strategy firm. They also do crisis comms, which I hope you don’t need but if you do… Ken wrote what is considered perhaps the definitive book on the rise of New Democrats in the Democratic Party. He also likes to get outside […]

Friday Fish Porn – Harber Master

Education entrepreneur Jonathan Harber and his son James with some Yellowfin Tuna from off of Long Island, out near the continental shelf. 60-70#s those are… By clicking on this archive you will find hundreds of pictures of education types with fish. It’s an ointment for obscene times. Send me yours!

Friday Fish Porn. Or, If You Prefer, Pics!

We need to talk about Friday Fish Porn. “No thanks,” you say. Well, hang on. As emails have become more of a popular way to get the blog and content blockers more of an issue, the few emails I used to get like this have become more common, “Just a note that educators prefer not […]