Everybody Knows Small Schools Don’t Work! Plus, Guns In Schools Is A Really Bad Idea…Discipline, Bennet, Predictions, More…

I don’t know if history repeats or rhymes but regardless it’s ridiculous that in 2019 Paul Hill has to write this. Education suffers from a real “everybody knows” problem where lots of bad information is taken as fact and often passed along by credulous media – charter school and school choice data, teacher pay, teacher credentialing, […]

Everybody Knows! NYC Small High Schools Edition

“Everybody knows” the small school experiment in NYC was a failure.   You hear it all the time, so it must be true!  Except an actual evaluation from MDRC shows a more complicated (and less convenient for critics) story. Bonus Flashback: Small schools eval from Chicago.

Posted on Jun 25, 2010 @ 9:33am

But Everybody Knows!

WaPo’s Bill Turque looks at the numbers on kids leaving the city’s charter schools.   Different than the rhetoric… Update:   Forgot to mention that Lisa Stone ( née Guido) and I wrote a squib for the WaPo on the challenges around this issue a few years ago.

Everybody Knows…

Education is a field where there is an awful lot of “everybody knows…”, in other words various truths that “everybody knows” about issues, people, research, etc…regardless of whether there is much evidence to support them.   Often some deeper digging is useful.   For instance, “everybody knew” that the small schools initiative in New York was discriminatory toward children with […]

Pension Bets, Squire Cautions On ESSA, Mead On The Tax Bill, Rodrigues On Testing, Williams On Multilingual Early Ed, Charter Grad Rates, ESSA, Incentive Pay For Teachers, Dickens…

Scroll down for some edujobs if your New Year’s resolution was to find a new one. Sara Mead on the tax bill and kids. Last week I wrote about the tax bill’s 529 changes. Max Marchitello goes all super hero in the ESSA debate. But, Julie Squire offers some good cautions on thinking about state ESSA plans. […]

Posted on Jan 2, 2018 @ 12:34pm

Do Teacher Pensions Reduce Turnover? What’s Happening In LA? What Are Psych Majors Up To? Race And Campus, Online Report Cards, More!

Kate Pennington remains unconvinced on CA’s teacher tax bill. Among the things “everybody knows” is that teacher pensions reduce teacher turnover. Actual evidence suggests a more complicated tale. Kirsten Schmitz with more via Bellwether’s Teacherpensions.org project. Here’s a great look at CTE and efforts to modernize it. But it’s a mistake to assume that all […]

Teacher Preparation Via Aldeman And Mitchel, D.C. Teachers, Atlanta Scholarships, Virginia Charter Support North Of 70%, And The First Road Trip!

Chad Aldeman and Ashley Mitchel with a new Bellwether analysis of teacher preparation policy in two new papers you can read here. In RealClearEducation they write,  Each year, new teachers collectively spend about $4.85 billion and 302 million hours on their preparation work. But there is no evidence that any of it really matters… A handful of […]

No Child Left Behind – The Problem Is Not The Policy, It’s Us

Everyone not chattering about the job numbers is chattering about this morning’s New York Times article on No Child Left Behind and the waivers that are increasingly freeing states from its requirements.  In general some waivers were necessary – and some were issued during the Bush Administration, too – because the law was supposed to […]

Look For The Consensus Label…

WaPo’s Nick Anderson goes for the ‘Duncan is cozying up with the unions’ line about Race to the Top.   It’s an easy line to sell because it confirms pre-existing biases about Democrats and teachers’ unions and plenty of people are happy to try to score partisan points by making the case.   Only problem?  It’s not […]