Amy Wilkins Takes No Prisoners! Plus, ATR Debacle, Success For Success, Music Ed, ESSA Reviews, Laine & Lane, More!

Coming attractions: Working with the Collaborative For Student Success, Bellwether convened a crew of state and federal policy experts to evaluate state ESSA plans. Round 1 results here, on Tuesday the 34 round 2 states will be released. Justin Trinidad on music education. Amy Wilkins: The problem is the mindset of revanchists who peddle stories like […]

A Hessian Matrix

The town vandals now what to know what’s up with all these broken windows? Over at the AEI blog my friend Rick Hess, who like a few others spent much of the spring in a effort to undermine trust and confidence around ‘Race to the Top’ (in Rick’s case while earnestly bleating that competitive grant […]

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The ATR Pool…

In case you didn’t get enough “absent teacher reserve” action earlier this year The New Teacher Project has released updated data (pdf) that show the problem getting worse.  Essentially the ATR pool are teachers who cannot, for a variety of different reasons, find jobs in the New York City public schools after being “excessed” from their current position […]

ATRs Are Back!

We made it one day completely ATR free…but today, like a bad penny, or $18 million, or $81 million…they’re back! TNTP puts out a call for progress that pretty well lays out the issues. All your links on the backstory are in the posts below. Update: In a comment section below this blogger makes a […]

Seven Different Kinds Of ATR Smoke!

In Gotham, it’s doomsday! This morning the UFT unleashed their rumored doomsday weapon in the debate over the absent teacher reserve (ATR) via Edwize and ATR chronicler Elizabeth Green. Essentially they argue that the data that The New Teacher Project used in their report is wrong and that their data shows that the ATR problem […]

A Bit More Katrina Vouchers…Barometer Rising?

Per this item, while you may have been expecting this reaction from the usual suspects, in fact the opposition to the Kennedy proposal thus far seems a little muted though lots of bitterness behind the scenes…Barometer going up?

More Katrina Vouchers

Wash. Post reports on what is happening. Here is some irony for a rainy Friday morning, the precedent that may be being set here is that the school districts will end up administering voucher programs in the future…that’s bad news on several levels… Problem is few have an appetite to fight this for a couple […]

Katrina Vouchers

A number of readers want to know where things stand on the whole question about aid to parents of students displaced by Katrina. Here’s where: Negotiations continue (though look for action very soon). Basically, the votes aren’t there to stop something like this so now the negotiations are about how to make it palatable and […]

Katrina’s Kids Or Vitter Vouchers? And…Fear The Parents…Set The Precedent!

Ed Week’s Usually Reliable turns in an early and important story on the goings on about the “Hurricane Vouchers” issue. Key takeaway is buried, Senator Dodd signaling his support for some arrangement (he’s not the only one) and Senator Landrieu floating a compromise. But, in the precedent setting department, isn’t direct general aid for non-public […]

More Katrina’s Kids

Washington Post weighs-in with a very sensible editorial. Targeted, modest, and time-limited. While hardly surprising at this point, the Bush Administration’s ability to mortgage the high ground on an issue in favor of playing politics still manages to astound…Eduwonk readers weigh-in later…