Bias! And Lessons From MSIs. Plus Charters, Teachers, And Hipsters All Look Alike…More!

Sara Mead on why curriculum and teacher quality are not either/ors. Max Marchitello and Justin Trinidad with a new analysis about lessons MSI’s can teach more generally about training teachers to work with diverse populations. Here’s Justin on the ed school faculty piece of that conversation. Meanwhile, Brookings asks if the teaching force is becoming more diverse? This […]

New Orleans, Pre-K, Charter Schools, This Field Can Fight About Anything! Plus Howard Fuller, Kate Walsh, And Chad Aldeman’s Parallel Universe. Bonus Mom Voice…

Chad Aldeman thought exercise on teacher pay and pensions. Jason Weeby on dynamism and schools. Howard Fuller in his own words via The 74. New Orleans still has a long way to go on schools but there is some good news that often gets lost in the strident debate. Times here. New study here. School is […]

Posted on Jul 17, 2018 @ 10:36am

Friday Fish – Fuller’s Back

Last week Kosar came back, but Bellwether’s Ali Fuller won’t let go of the Mayor of Fish Porn crown without a fight. So here’s some farm pond fishing from an end of summer trip the Fuller family took:                 You wan to see more pictures of education types, […]

Gary Busey In The DeVos Debate! Plus Mead On Choice, Aldeman On Choice And Pensions, C4C On DACA, College Champions, Microaggressions, Hess On Race And Education, Teaching Quality On Campus, Buses! More!

Sara Mead on inter district choice – and Michigan! Chad Aldeman on the ins and outs of how charter schools interact with teacher retirement systems in the states. Betsy DeVos is invested in a Gary Busey film about a Christian summer camp (Busey’s character is named Cujo) and she is apparently an oyster cracker mogul. Also YETI […]

Friday Fish Porn: Kosar V. Fuller, It’s On!

The battle for mayor of Fish Porn is on. Last week we revealed Kevin Kosar’s doomsday device: His new fishing blog and boating articles. A lock on the mayorship? Not so fast. Bellwether’s Ali Fuller. Well, she was unimpressed. So she sent this. It’s not technically a fish. Or really a fish in any sense. It’s […]

My Cup Is Half Fuller!

There is a fascinating little dust-up going on in the school choice world yesterday and today.   Not the new Fordham report, which basically did signal to the more hard core elements of the school choice crowd that they need to get with the program around quality and accountability, but rather some seemingly innocuous and quite reasonable things that school choice […]

Friday Fish Pics – The Fishing Kosars

Kevin Kosar lives the ‘take a kid fishing‘ lifestyle. He’s a frequent fish pic contributor around here, sometime guestblogger, and has locked horns, or rather antlers, with Ali Fuller about who runs the show. In any event, here’s his daughter, Anna, who is something of an accomplished angler already at 7, with a catfish at […]

Posted on Sep 1, 2017 @ 8:30am

Friday Fish Porn – Well Not Really, At All.

It’s winter so the fishing has slowed down (hundreds of fish pics here though) but education people are still getting outside and we’re diversifying from just fish pics: Tim Taylor of America Succeeds managed to work some duck hunting into an Arkansas trip. And Ali Fuller of Bellwether took this ibex in Spain earlier this […]

Posted on Feb 3, 2017 @ 8:30am

Kosar Takes The Helm, Three Cheers for School Advertising

This guest blogpost is by Kevin Kosar, author of Failing Grades: The Federal Politics of Education, who edits the Federal Education Policy History website and is a senior fellow at the R Street Institute. Thanks to Andy Rotherham for giving me the keys to Eduwonk this week. I will resist the temptation to post fish […]