Mohammed Choudhury And What’s Next With Janus

Two from Bellwether: Hailly Korman on the potentially bigger legal problem for unions lurking behind Janus.  Kaitlin Pennington and Max Marchitello talk with Mohammed Choudhury about his work.

Posted on Dec 3, 2018 @ 9:05pm

Gender And Pensions, What’s Next After West Virginia? DeVos And Education’s Reactionaries, Discipline, Aspen SEL, State Funding, Interventions That Work, Boomtown Rats, More!

In The 74 I talk with Teacher of the Year Nate Bowling about guns. Two important analyses from Bellwether – gender and teacher pensions. Our analysts, Kirsten Schmitz and Max Marchitello, look at data in Illinois and Nevada and what they find may surprise you. Also, Max Marchitello with some hard truths on Illinois teacher […]

Posted on Mar 8, 2018 @ 10:45am

Head Start, DeVos In The Hot Seat And DeVos Debate, What’s Next For Labor? Petrilli V. Ladner…On Nannies! Charter School Enrollment Up, Texas Reform Down? Edsall On Integration, Scholastic On Reading, Friedrichs 2.0, First Amendment, School Finance In The Family, And More!

Shots! Don’t miss New York’s Tom Carroll on the battle lines in the DeVos debacle. Agree or not channels a lot of what you hear behind the scenes by way of recriminations. Plenty of people disagree as well, of course. Important Marnie Kaplan / Sara Mead analysis from Bellwether on Head Start work policies.  Here’s Kaplan […]

Hillary Clinton And Higher Ed, Prisons V. Schools, Buck Up History Advocates – Was It Over When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor? School Finance, Teacher Salaries, Demographic Data, And Henderson On DC And What’s Next. Plus Fish Pics And Mothman!

Below are some great fish pictures with Tim Taylor. Fish Porn Mayor Kevin Kosar has some, too, on his Twitter feed. Here and here most recently. Draft innovative assessment pilot regulations out.  The ambition for new ways of assessment bumps into the reality of assessment capacity. Alyson Klein here. Hillary Clinton is tuning and emphasizing her […]

What’s Next For Virginia? Three Things To Look For

The Department of Education’s letter to Virginia requesting modifications to the Commonwealth’s No Child Left Behind wavier was good news if you want to see a more robust accountability system.  Virginia officials are rightly miffed that [to some extent] they’re getting busted for the same thing other states are doing.  But that points up some […]

*Except For Them! Plus, What’s Next?

Kevin Huffman has a very good response to this morning’s Samuelson op-ed. The ‘we’re pretty good except for them’ argument is troubling and you hear it a lot.  Disaggregating data to get better visibility into a problem is one thing, implicitly (or explicitly) saying there isn’t a problem because of skewed results is another. A […]