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We’re hiring at Bellwether.

Bellwether’s Lynne Graziano on the kind of things that can change a career or life trajectory.

Ashley LiBetti with a new paper on early education teacher prep, what the research shows, and what it could show.

Here’s a volume on rural ed in part by Bellwether alum Andy Smarick and featuring Bellwether Senior Associate Partner Julie Squire.


Janus is causing a lot of focus on large unions but it’s the smaller states that may see the impact earliest. 

Finn on Levy and Bush:

At a time of anger, division, self-absorption and small-mindedness in so many places, it’s both refreshing and inspiring to remind ourselves that it doesn’t have to be that way and to recall two great Americans who embodied that abiding truth.

Ken Wagner:

“While I cannot comment on the specifics of pending litigation, I am supportive of efforts to secure more legal protections for student access to a quality education. Education rights are civil rights,” Rhode Island Commissioner Ken Wagner said in a statement.

Harvard is also being sued over its single gender policy. And with 81 million people a day visiting PornHub this seems like a reasonable topic of inquiry.

I’m a Democrat and a Feminist. And I Support Betsy DeVos’s Title IX Reforms.

New survey data on where the public is (and teachers are) on education.

“California Rule” in the dock again in California. And with the stock market gyrations a good time to remember that the assumptions pension plans use are often works of fiction.

Perry Stein on what’s up with the new sup’t in DC. And more here.

Cindi Williams on Washington State charters. Also from Washington State, Dan Goldhaber on why test scores matter.

Matt Frankel and Shavar Jeffries talk education at Bloomfield College.

Some data visualization of school and neighborhood segregation.

DQC on data and ESSA.

Late election returns:

Whiteboard’s David DeSchryver, Anna Edwards, and Alison Griffin on the impact of the election on edu. DFER’s Charlie Barone on what the returns do, and don’t, mean for education.

Tracy Chapman.

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