Hugh Price Book Excerpt, Camera On District Opt-Out, Mead On When You Spend, More!

Sara Mead points out we should think about the when of spending education dollars just like we focus on the where. Hailly Korman challenges educators to lead on educating adjudicated youth.

Last week Bellwether released an analysis on school transportation. You can watch an event discussing some of the issues here.

I talked with Pearson’s CEO about the steps they’re taking to try to make the company more agile. And I wrote about education data and education culture for USN.

Lauren Camera on the sleeper issue of school district secession.

Hugh Price book excerpt:

Such were—and remain—the obstacles facing many minority students who are sailing through school. Just imagine the impediments confronting youngsters who are perfectly bright, or even middle of the pack, yet whose parents are not knowledgeable or confident enough to navigate the school system on their behalf. These millions more minds are a terrible thing for society to waste.

For whites who do not understand what African-Americans mean when we rail against institutional racism, I offer these examples as evidence. This is the subtle and malicious way we often are held back behind the scenes.

What school district innovation can look like.

Freeman Hrabowski profile.

Buritto degrees. Minaj scholarships. Crowdsourcing teacher voice via Reddit.


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