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Edujob: Managing Director of Policy and Research @ TN Charter School Center

Here’s a great edujob in TN: Managing Director of Policy and Research for the Tennessee Charter School Center

The vision of the Tennessee Charter School Center (TCSC) is that Tennessee will boast the best public schools in the nation, and all of our students will have access to a high-quality public education that will prepare them for personal, professional, and social success that will impact generations to come. TCSC is committed to advancing educational outcomes for all students via access to high-quality, public school options.  Our mission is to support quality and cultivate innovation in public education while serving as an advocate on behalf of public charter schools.

You can learn more about the role and how to apply here.

Friday Fish Porn – Spawn Of Big Red, Plus Weeby On The Water

IMG_5072Regular readers of Friday fish porn will fondly recall the run of Big Red – a big redfish caught by James Willcox’s mom in Mobile Bay. James is the former CEO of Aspire Public Schools and has now founded, just this summer, Strategic Growth Parnters, a Public Benefits Corporation focused on helping high-quality CMOs grow by providing comprehensive advice and support to them. At the time we followed Big Red’s journey from the driveway to a permanent home on the mantle. (Although James’ mom is obviously the badass in the family and he aspires to perhaps be her deckhand one day, here’s one he caught). Now, Mrs. Willcox is back with the spawn of Big Red, another Mobile Bay redfish here on the right.

Elsewhere, Bellwether’s Jason Weeby found time to take his son fishing this summer, too. A Walleye!


You should consider taking a kid fishing, too, (and do your part to resist the broification of the outdoors). It’s easier than you might think!

For the entire archives of education people with fish- dating back a decade – you can click here.

DNC Blogging, Eduwonk Guestbloggers, Counterintuitive Goings On, College Advice, PC Debate

Bellwether is still blogging the DNC with The 74.  Bloomberg spoke last night. Short version: Doesn’t care for Trump, does care about better schools.

Here at Eduwonk, guestbloggers all of August, great line up.

A few intuitive and counterintuitive things:

Malcolm Gladwell on how America’s elite colleges are awol from the fight for economic mobility. BTW – for all the talk of privilege these days don’t look for anyone to voluntarily give up this one. Classic case of tough medicine being great for others!

On public pensions if you think they are about minimizing risk you’re missing the big picture.

James Merriman asks why the Democrats would weaken on support for charter schools now? William Haft on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s fight against charter schools. 

Interesting Pew data on the PC debate. And a new documentary about comedy includes some campus angles because some comics won’t play campuses anymore.

Stephen Smith with some straight ahead advice on choosing a college.

Sad news: Susan Traiman has passed.

Coming Attractions

I am taking August away from the blog but you will be in great hands with some terrific guestbloggers, here’s the line-up:

Week of August 1st: Ari Rozman, Tim Daly, and David Keeling from EdNavigator

Week of August 8th: Kira Orange Jones of Teach For America and the Louisiana Board of Education.

Week of August 15th: Kevin Kosar of the R Street Institute and fishing and whiskey fame. 

Week of August 22nd: Derrell Bradford of NYCAN.

Week of August 29th: Alex Hernandez of the Charter School Growth Fund.

Just a reminder, Bellwether doesn’t take positions on any policy issues other than those that affect 501(c)3 organizations as a class. So nothing that’s ever on this blog, any of our blogs, or any of our bylined work should be construed to be an organization position or viewpoint.  We’re into ideological heterodoxy and there are lively and productive disagreements about a range of issues across our team.

More content today, fish tomorrow, but for now enjoy these good folks and happy summer.

Susan Traiman

The education world lost a quiet and steely friend this week with the passing of Susan Traiman. In addition to consulting work her career included time at the Department of Education, the Business Roundtable, and the National Governors Association and she was a steady hand behind the scenes on many national school improvement moments of the past four decades. She was also a tireless advocate for the idea that American business could be involved productively in efforts to improve the quality of schools and a fun sparring partner about the limits of that idea. Most importantly she was generous with her time and expertise and patient with people coming into the field. She’ll be missed.

Student Loans, Democratic Convention Blogging, More SNS, Pensions And Politics, Dissent, Korman On Title IX, Weeby on Productivity. Plus Party News.

Over at The 74 we’re living blogging the DNC this week (you can also see RNC blogging from last week).  Here’s my take on the Dem strategy, the Dem ticket on ed, and why ed doesn’t really matter to the outcome.

Last week I took a look at the longer term ed game on the Democratic side for U.S. News.

Jason Weeby on education and productivity (with a great lede). Hailly Korman doesn’t want universities out of the sex assault investigation business.

James S. Liebman and Michael Mbikiwa on supplement not supplant in Real Clear Education.

Dissent is good!

School closures, not as bad as you’ve heard?

This Atlantic article is a good take on the student loan issue. The averages frequently bandied about create more hype than sense and the high end is not where the action is. But they also obscure the low-end where there are real problems for non-completers.

Here’s a quirky higher education loan partnership – Amazon and Wells Fargo:

“I don’t think they fully realize what they just stepped in,” says Alexander Holt, a policy analyst at New America’s education policy program. “What’s baffling to me is that Amazon cares a lot about brand reputation, loyalty and customer service. And those are three things that are not synonymous with the private student loan industry in any type of positive way.”

Politics and pension management don’t mix well.

Doug Levin on some new education rules of the road. Reuters says overseas test cheating rampant. Mistaken identity in Nashville school board race. New guidance on students with ADHD.

Second thoughts:

He does regret some aspects of the party, like the dwarfs dressed in red-white-and-blue suits carrying champagne guns. “I would probably not make that decision if I had to do it over,” he said.

Voter registration woes.

Friday Fish Porn: Kosar V. Fuller, It’s On!

unnamedThe battle for mayor of Fish Porn is on. Last week we revealed Kevin Kosar’s doomsday device: His new fishing blog and boating articles. A lock on the mayorship? Not so fast. Bellwether’s Ali Fuller. Well, she was unimpressed. So she sent this. It’s not technically a fish. Or really a fish in any sense. It’s a red stag she took in Argentina! (Apparently with a pretty impressive shot, too, sources say). So it’s also a little more, say, robust?, than a YouTube video about tying on a hook for some perch… We’ll do a reader poll at some point to settle this, but the ante is up. Kevin, your move.

For pictures of education people with actual fish, hundreds of them, click here.

Dems And Education Reform

A lot of speculation about the Democrats and education. Here’s my take via U.S. News & World Report:

Are the Democrats done with education reform?

That’s the question a lot of people are asking in the wake of a few recent education events. It’s a question that gets bloggers and insiders fired up for sure to cheer or jeer. But the death of the Democrats on education reform is likely exaggerated.

Want to know why I think that? Well, here are four reasons the trends probably are not what they seem. What issue are you done with? I’m already tired of one party calling for the titular head of the other to be locked up. I’d live somewhere more exotic if I wanted government like that. Tell me what issue you’re done with or who  you want locked up on Twitter @arotherham. Or let me know why you think this is wrong and the Democratic reform wave has crested.