2 Replies to “Small But Mighty! More Evidence Small Schools Are A Better Strategy Than You Think”

  1. The questions asked were not terribly demanding. Neither this post, nor the article linked to, nor the article linked by the article, deals with the “famous” reason why Bill Gates’ enthusiasm for small schools proved to be misplaced: Small schools are more likely to score high than large ones, and they’re also more likely to score low, something Bill should have known going in.

    Also, the report isn’t about “small schools.” It’s about “small schooks of choice.” Was the control group “large schools of choice”? I don’t see that from the ES of the MDRC report. Also, without reading the whole report, I can’t tell the extent to which the high performance of the schools was due to a high drop-out rate of students uncomfortable with a demanding school atmosphere, which has been a “famous” issue with KIPP schools, among others.

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