One thought on “Who Gets To Graduate?

  1. Candle

    Thank you David Laude for caring about students like Vanessa and doing something to help them persist and graduate. Like Vanessa, I had the grades and the desire to make something of myself, but I felt so isolated and lost during my undergraduate years because I was a minority. I was socially and culturally inept. I did not know whom to turn to for help with adjusting to life in college. Many of my classes had 100+ students. Truthfully, I only remember one teacher’s name and only because she made my life a living hell. She did not believe in my writing ability and kept telling me that I had a “long, long way to go.” (English is not my native language.) If I had not been too ashamed to return home and be labeled a failure, I would have dropped out. Had there been a David Laude, I think my undergraduate experience would have been more pleasant.

    Every college/universities in CA also needs a David Laude to help design programs that would boost persistence and graduation rates. According to Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), there will be gap between skilled workers with a BA degree or higher (35%) and the economic demand (41%) by 2025. If we are to thrive economically, we need to replicate successful models, such as those in University of Texas at Austin. I agree with Laude and Yeager that most students just want to belong and to feel that someone believes in their ability to succeed.

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