Teacher Data – Rhetoric And Reality

New Center for American Progress brief on teacher autonomy and satisfaction (pdf).  Picks up on the MetLife polling issues from last year.   And also from CAP a look at teacher retention the past few years.   In both cases a gap between the rhetoric you hear tossed around and the underlying data.

2 Responses to “Teacher Data – Rhetoric And Reality”

  1. Joe Says:

    The report on autonomy goes along with a long line of research which shows that teachers do have a lot autonomy in their classroom. But there’s also research which suggests that it is just as important for teachers to have input on school level policies and decisions. As the report suggests, autonomy doesn’t necessarily indicate professionalism.

  2. Bill Jones Says:

    Thus spake the researchers. Ipso facto, it must be true.

    And THAT is the major problem with the edu-debate.

    Social scientists are notoriously poor at predictions. They spend their time explaining tomorrow why they predictions they made did not come true yesterday. They are the step children of academia, and they are determined to elevate themselves in the eyes of their esteemed brethren in mathematics and science.

    It is best to consider the edu-debate, from both sides, to be pure agitprop. Rational folks know that. Sides have been drawn. There will be no fence sitters.

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