LA Story….And LA Stories

Earlier this year I highlighted school board elections in some big cities as a key issue to watch this year as a gauge of the politics of education.  A lot of people wondered if the unions could extend their winning streak from November’s elections. They voted in LA yesterday, results still pending, but it looks like a win for the superintendent there, John Deasy.  As usual a bizarre messaging war is breaking out about all this in social media, but while the election isn’t over based on what happened it’s hard to see this as a repudiation of Deasy’s reform efforts or education reform more generally in LA.  In terms of the money spent, it’s not all tabulated yet but based on available disclosures both sides spent plenty to get their message out and were able to do so.

Update:  Two different takes on LA implications:  LA School Report says status quo continues in LA while LA Times sees it differently.

Update II: Kris Amundson cuts through the hype.

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  1. PhillipMarlowe Says:

    Ah, Andy being misleading on the money spent by the pro”Dr.” Deasy forces. Well over $3.5 million was given to the proDeasy crowd.
    Just like yesterday when Andy did not correct Dr Hite on Philly radio for saying teachers are THE most important factor in the education of children.

  2. PhillipMarlowe Says:

    Three to one in favor of the proDeasy forces.

    Any reason for the dishonesty Andy?

  3. PhillipMarlowe Says:

    Will Deasy do a Rhee and quit?
    Probably not.

  4. PhillipMarlowe Says:

    Another lost, in Rhee’s hometown at that.

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